Villas Mombacho

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(No website found at time of publishing) – De la Marina Cocibolca 100m al Sur, Granada, Nicaragua

How I heard of this place: The staff at Patio del Malinche recommended it as a beautiful and delicious dinner spot in our neighborhood.

Villas Mombacho

Type of cuisine: Latin-inspired seafood

Ambiance: Nestled amongst low palms and bright greenery, out peek the thatched rooftops of Villas Mombacho. Underneath the expansive thatched rooftops, red painted tree branches and trunks make up the exposed beams and pillars. Red table linens are spread over larger tables accompanied by slightly reclined, larger, wooden beach chairs. One of the many dining areas is found on the second floor loft, a red staircase reaching up, where unobstructed views of Las Isletas can be taken in and breathtakingly enjoyed.

Under the thatched roof

What I ordered: At the glowing recommendation of our young server, I selected the Filete Empanizado (C$215), breaded fish served fries and rice,

Breaded Fish

after the complementary salad course.

Salad Course

Chris chose, at a whim, the Filete a la Pimienta (C$215), a light white fish served drenched in a pepper gravy with chunks of onion, also served with fries, rice and a small salad.

Pepper Fish

One bottle of Sprite, shared between the two of us, and the sunset meal was complete.

Bottle of Sprite

What I loved: The pepper gravy had a nice kick, while the empanizado was lightly breaded and baked, lacking the abundance of oil, grease and salt often found in North America. Beets in the salad.

Why I loved it: The space is extensive, which made it quite facile for us to enjoy a romantic, sunset dinner, alone, listening to the water of Lake Nicaragua and the sounds of birds taking flight.

Lake Nicaragua

Cost: Average to high (C$210 – C$380 per seafood entree)


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