Cafe de las Sonrisas (Smiles Coffee)

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( – Near La Merced church in Granada, Nicaragua

How I heard of this place: While on Little Corn Island, we bumped into some Canadians that recommended finding this cafe run, managed and operated solely by people who are deaf and/or mute.


Type of cuisine: A limited menu offering coffee, tea and fruit juices, as well as house-made pastries. Breakfast is also served.

Ambiance: Walking up to the pink walls of Cafe de las Sonrisas, I knew immediately it was the place recommended to us. Inside, we were greeted, first by a smiling member of the Sonrisas staff, who invited us in, gave us a little tour and showed us the menu.

Sonrisa Staff

We made our selections and were escorted through the large, yet quaint and cozy space with extra high ceilings and hand-painted murals all about. In the main dining space, bright yellow squares painted on the walls showing hand signs that will assist in placing orders off of the menu, asking for the check, spelling your name, saying please or thank you, etc.

Sonrisas Wall of Signs

Each of the wooden tables lining the far right wall has seven small yet colorful pictures pasted to it; these notes allow for diners to communicate with the staff for quick and easy items that they may need.

Sonrisas Table Signs

The black and white tiled floors lead to pillars hosting house-made hammocks that the staff design, create and sell. We ate, we reclined, we enjoyed the beautiful breeze in the inner tree-lined courtyard, toured the hammock workshop where we were offered a live demonstration!

Hammock Lounging Area

My favorite decor: a paper-mache-like life-sized tree in one of the front rooms, with dozens of mini hammocks hanging from branch to branch.

Hammock Tree

What I ordered: We started with a cup of coffee (C$40), a cup of black tea (C$20) and two muffins (C$25 each).

Mini Muffin

What I loved: The pastry – the muffin was bite-sized but cut into four pieces, very moist and slightly sweet, with a beautiful drizzle of what resembled a brown sugar sauce.

Why I loved it: The people. The colorful space – in personality and thought, in friendship, friendliness, peace, and honesty. Everything about Sonrisas is worth a return trip.

Cost: Low (C$20 – C$50 per beverage)


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