Turned Turtle Restaurant

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(www.littlecornbb.com/turned-turtle-restaurant) – On the western shore of Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

How I heard of this place: We walked by and had to see what the cute space was all about!

Kayak Rental

Type of cuisine: Turned Turtle Bar & Restaurant seamlessly boasts the culinary delights of the area, including fresh lobster and great grilled meats, with a foreign twist. “Our goal is to have North American quality food, timeliness, cleanliness and service that puts The Turned Turtle in a class by itself on Little Island. Our friendly all Nicaraguan staff go out of their way to show you island hospitality, serve up tasty food and all in half the time of the typical island restaurant. All dinners are four courses with starter, salad, main course with veggies (unusual on the island to get vegetables believe it or not) and our tasty deserts, all included in one low price (ask for a la mode to get a scoop of our gourmet homemade ice cream with your cake).

Turtle Menu

Ambiance: After an early morning hike up the western coast of Little Corn, Chris and I returned home only to come across the Turned Turtle’s quaint and picturesque community. Vibrant kayaks sat up against the covered shacks under the shade of palm trees, sand swept and clear of beach debris, hammocks gently swaying in the ocean breeze, we walked back towards the largest dwelling in the community of loft-spaced beach bungalows. The red and yellow tarps being raised by restaurant staff, we took our seats under the covered entryway on hand-crafted bamboo chairs in the sand. Skyblue plastic tableclothes taped down to our table and one neighboring were wiped clean as we awaited opening time. When the staff was ready, we were invited indoors to tall tin-roof ceilings with exposed wooden braces.

Inside the Turned Turtle

The coral-colored walls above the bar and kitchen depicting a hand-drawn map of the Island with special attractions and island fare. Buoys fall from the ceiling, tied to banisters with rope, as do stained glass bamboo lights, to match the bamboo chairs, stools, tables and sliding doors. To the right, a mini loft caters to those wishing to sit more comfortably on cusioned couches in a living room setting, reading, playing board games (provided) or simply enjoying the comfort of a rocking chair.


What I ordered: Chris and I were so eager to sample everything on the menu that we had to limit ourselves in the hopes of returning the following morning. We settled on sharing the Roasted Coconut French Toast (USD$5), coco bread French toast infused with roasted coconut, served with maple syrup and fresh fruit,

Coco French Bread

and the Skillet Breakfast (USD$6.50), “Everything but the kitchen sink served in a cast iron skillet!“, with a couple slices of buttered and grilled coco bread.

Skillet Breakfast

While sitting and enjoying the view, the cool ocean breeze and the sights and sounds of the waves and wind rustling palm leaves, we were delightfully surprised to bump into our new friends (with whom we shared a flight and panga ride to the Corn Islands). They sat down to join us and selected the Skillet Breakfast and an order of the Nica Eggs (USD$3.90) which included two eggs served sunny side up with salsa, gallo pinto, grilled Nica cheese and Coco Bread cinnamon toast. Four mugs of brewed coffee (USD$1.75 each) and we were set to enjoy your breakfasts of champions!

What I loved: The coconut bread! O.M.G. But everything was delicious. The toasted coconut flakes atop the French Toast, the cheesey eggs and vegetables in the skillet, the crispy bacon. (Ahhh…to dream…)

Why I loved it: Extra friendly staff, clean, quaint and cozy setting and some of the most amazing food we had on our trip.

Cost: Average to high (USD$2.99 – USD$6.50 per breakfast entree)

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