Art Hotel (Formerly Hotel Beneficial)

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( – Parque Las Palmas neighborhood of Managua, Nicaragua, about one block from the home of Violeta Chamorro, former president of Nicaragua

How I heard of this place: Trip Advisor

Type of cuisine: Typical Nicaraguan breakfast of eggs, a side of meat (in this case, hot dog), gallopinto (red beans & rice) and toast. The night managers were extra friendly with us, packing a plate of fresh cut fruit: banana, watermelon, papaya and sweet pineapple for each of us.

Ambiance: A lobby entryway to the hotel, this miniature cafeteria-esque space boasts six tables with chairs, sparesely decorated with three-dimensional wooden fruit napkin holders over shiny, varnished wooden tables. The dim-lighting is enhanced by the blue light streaming from the flat screen television sharing local news. Out of doors, two, small, covered seating areas are available for people wishing to partake of the cooler air, mosquitos and puffs of a cigarette. The enlarged stove/range and ovens set towards the back of the room, give the impression that large, patio parties may enjoy home cooked meals during peak seasons.

Art Hotel

What I ordered: Without placing any orders, we were surprised and delighted to see our plastic-wrap-covered styrofoam plates presenting fresh fruit, scrambled eggs (with cheese!),

Plastic-wrapped Fruit

half of a hot dog, split lengthwise (per person) and toast. We scarfed it all down, including the cup of orange juice, and made our early morning way to the airport.

Eggs & Hot Dogs

On a return visit, Tuesday, November 27, 2012On our way out of the beautiful country of Nicaragua, a place we called home for two weeks, we were offered the option of scrambled eggs (with ham, green bell peppers and onions), which both Chris and Elisa enjoyed, or fried eggs (to which I had grown accustomed), a side of white bread with butter, and a cup of orange juice.

What I loved: Eggs. mmm…

Why I loved it: I adore the first impressions of a country. Here, our first interaction (outside of negotiating a taxi from the airport to our hotel) was with the night management staff at the Art Hotel. Mario not only prepared and presented our dishes, but then drove us to the airport at the end of his shift, ensuring we were on time for our 6:45 a.m. flight to the Corn Islands.

Cost: Average to high (included in the cost of our USD$53 hotel stay)

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