Belmont House of Smoke

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( – Ghent neighborhood of Norfolk, Virginia

How I heard of this place: When we told our friends Stef and Jason that we were heading to town for the weekend, they immediately invited us to join them at a geocaching lunch gathering. Hearing the name, Chris was sold.

Type of cuisine: “In 2009 Belmont began cooking real barbecue– quality meats rubbed with our own spices and cooked low and slow over a wood burning fire. The result was awesome. Real Urban Barbecue (a.k.a R.U.B.) right here in the heart of Ghent! So with the help of employees, friends and family, Belmont House of Smoke was born. So visit Belmont soon and enjoy our team’s Real Urban Barbeque and sides along with cold beer, lots of friendly people and the best live music in town.

Ambiance: Lucky to find parking immediately in front of the door to this strip-mall joint, the windows boasting posters of PIGS skins & PIG pickins welcomes us to the House of Smoke. We enter to find a large, rounded, yellow wall curving back against the parallel brick walls, bedecked with framed awards and recongitions. We follow the stone-tiled pathway to the stairs at the end of the room, glancing ever so briefly to our left to see the downstairs bar, red painted walls, chairs hanging from the ceiling, and daily specials written on a hexagonal chalkboard aglow with holiday lights. At the far brick wall, sparkling in the natural light of day, an elongated chalkboard denotes available beer selections, with stands for a bottle of each. A Barboursville Vineyards Virginia Premium Wines keg remnant, larger than life, is mounted on the wall for passerby to gaze at in its immensity as we make our way up the stairs. In Bar Number 2, we find a more athletic motif: framed jerseys, pool tables, and television sets. A barquette against one brick wall allows for fans of the billiard players to eat, drink, watch and be merry, as the varnished and shiny bar counter curves around to the tall tables and chairs available for seating near the built-in stage. Random memorabilia, as well as Halloween decor accost the space, including the glass double doors leading out onto the rain-infested patio.

What I ordered: Chris started with Lemonade ($2.50), whil we eagerly awaiting the BBQ Nachos ($11.99) to start: Tortilla chips heaped high with chicken, topped with black beans, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, jalapenos, sour cream, salsa and drizzled with house-made BBQ sauce.

We decided to share the main entree, as well, and settled on the 2 Meat Combo ($18.99) with ribs, sliced brisket and two sides: hush puppies and macaroni and cheese. A side of ranch ($0.79) and we were set for the next two days worth of calories.

What I loved: The macaroni and cheese. Gooey, hot, baked with a golden cheese crust. Yum.

Why I loved it: Easy environment with a neighborhood feel, personable staff and large portions of delicious food.

Cost: Average to high ($10.99 – $19.99 per lunch entree)

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