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( – Downtown Bellingham, Washington

How I heard of this place: Our dear friends Michael & Anne Marie, who suggested it as a great place to meet up for lunch and catch up.

Type of cuisine: “Korean traditional food is one of the most unique cuisines throughout the Asia region. Korean traditional food is based on the Korean Royal Court Cuisine which was consumed at the royal court from 1392 to 1910 in Korea. Similar seasoning and ingredients are often used in Korean dishes such as sesame seeds, garlic, ginger, green onion, sesame oil, fermented bean paste, and crushed red pepper paste. Korean food is regarded as a healthy type of food sine it emphasizes the balance of nutrition. Like other Asian country, rice is the basic food in Korean meal. Other than that, Korean also consumes noodles, various kind of vegetables, meats and tofu. Each meal is served with a wide variety ofbanchan; small side dishes of vegetables, meats, seafoods. Each one is unique and different, complimenting the main dish. Cooking in Stone Pots are also a tradition in Korea. Stone pots are used to keep foods warmer and offer a great way to add caramelization to any ingredient. This brings out the deep flavors of each dish. We would be more than happy to assist you in your selection of menu items and discuss the traditional ways of consumption.

Stone Pot Spread

Ambiance: The space, which has been so many other dining establishments throughout the years, looks typical from the outside: a couple of large windows at the storefront, a bright banner doting KOREAN RESTAURANT, letter-sized laminated photographs of various dishes, and a small fenced in patio without any outdoor seating. Entering, however, one is warmly welcomed with brick walls extending back, a long rectangular space with plenty of seating, yet plenty of space on the shiny concrete floors. To the left, chairs and tables set against an off-white painted wall, complete with a lone shelf full of eclectic, colorful potted plants, and keyhole-shaped red clock. A round table with awkwardly, yet cool/functional rounded booth seating sits up against the counter which hosts the register, a few plants, and extends back towards the kitchen. At the right, the brick walls are decorated with framed black and white photographs and fake plants perched up against the protruding brick pillars. Tall-backed, church style, wooden pews in oxblood create more intimate seating spaces for the diners trickling in on their lunch breaks. Ceiling fans whiz overhead, dropping down from the white ceiling, and as our gaze returns to our table, our sweet host joins us with menus and large, blue, plastic Pepsi glasses full of ice water.

Stone Pot

What I ordered: Our table of four opted to enjoy a family style dining experience, and ordered several dishes for the table to share. Among them, Vegetable & Meat Stone Pot Bibimbap ($10.99; $8.99 from the lunch menu) with chicken;


one Vegetable Pancake ($9.99), a traditional Korean pancake mixed with an assortment of vegetables served with a side of tangy soy sauce;


Bulgogi ($9.99), beef ribeye marinated in a sweet soy sauce, pan-seared and served on a sizzling stone plate;


and the Spicy Pork ($9.99) marinated in a spicy sauce served on a sizzling stone plate with onions.


What I loved: Bibimbap. Always a favorite! Followed closely by the bulgogi.

Why I loved it: It’s a tremendously friendly, family-owned and operated establishment in the heart of downtown Bellingham.

Cost: Average ($8-$12 per lunch entree)

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