Kosem Restaurant

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(No website found at time of publishing) – Selcuk, Turkey

How I heard of this place: When we asked our hotel reception (the new co-owner) for a recommendation for dinner, he suggested the Ca-Ba-Re, the newest establishment in town, owned by the same people who own the Urkmez Hotel around the corner. We walked by only to find a dark room with chairs up on the tables. Instead, we opted for the quaint patio seating, where the friendly host introduced us to their menu.

Type of cuisine: Traditional Turkish Fare.

Ambiance: The space indoors seems to be quiet as we walk by row of restaurants, each with outdoor seating on a raised patio off of a pedestrian street, covered in a tree trellis. Outdoor seating on cushioned, brown, wicker chairs, against tables clothed in grey and pink striped tablecloths. Servers, generally older men (in this neighborhood) stand outside and welcome tourists that pass by into their establishments, showing them the menu of specials and offering complimentary cups of tea.

What I ordered: Both Chris and I started with the Soup of the Day (4TL), a hot lentil soup, to ease the chill of the night air. We continued with freshly squeezed orange juice (4TL each) and a large bottle of mineral water (2TL). Feeling adventurous (and knowing Chris would eat anything I was less than fond of), I selected the Karisik Izgara (Mixed Grill 14TL), with two skewers of chicken breast, one of lamb and one of beef, a filet of chicken breast, a filet of veal, and two mini kofte (one adana and one lamb). Chris immediately knew he would choose the Adana Kofte (Minced Beef Meat with Variety of Spice 10TL) as it had been unavailable at the past few restaurants we had chosen at which to dine. Each of our plates came with a mixed green salad with the addition of julienned carrots, red cabbage and sliced onion, a ball of rice with cabbage and carrot cooked in, and a grilled half-tomato on the side. For dessert, we each chose the Meyve Caylari (apple tea 2TL each) and a trio of baklava (5TL).

What I loved: My favorite part of the meal, after the orange juice – which always wins – was the adana kofte, juicy, spicy and grilled to absolute (fully cooked) perfection.

Why I loved it: The space outdoors under the trellis is beautiful, calming and allows for one to enjoy the rays of the sun disappearing from behind the clouds, over the horizon, the colors of the sky changing from blue to reds, oranges, pinks and yellows.

Cost: Low to average (8-15TL per dinner entree)

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