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( – Pafos, Cyprus

How I heard of this place: We drove by the oceanfront properties after a couple of spins through town in search of a hotel for the night. When we saw the Constantinou Bros Hotels in the distance, with views o the ocean, we were sold.

Type of cuisine: Extensive breakfast buffet including everything from deli meats and blocks of cheeses, to fresh vegetables (tomato & cucumber), hot foods associated with a typical English breakfast (toast, baked beans, roasted tomatoes), sauteed mushrooms, hard-boiled eggs, French toast, sausage, crepe-thin pancakes made to order and eggs prepared to order, tiers and tiers of fresh fruit, dried fruit, donuts, breads, cakes and cereal. Hot tea, coffee, hot cocoa and juices also available.

Ambiance: The glass walls and doors entering into the Atrium Restaurant make the space feel cozy and small, until one enters and walks beyond the large, lush greenery at each side. Two young women welcome patrons and offer to assist with a tour if it is your first time dining at the establishment. Directly ahead, tables and tables of food and servers await. To the right, upon entering, a large, spacious, window-lined room overlooking the hotel pool, palm trees and sea beyond welcomes patrons with an abundance of natural lighting, eliminating the need for electricity during daylight/sunrise hours. Large, white with blue trim pillars hold up the white ceiling, dark carpets barely noticable against the pink-clothed tables and purple-fabric chairs with wooden frames. Each table comes equipped with a hot carafe of coffee, a variety of sugars, salt & pepper, a vase with a single rose bud and a mini garbage to dispose of table waste (tea bags, orange seeds, etc.)

What I ordered: It all looked so good, I basically went through the line and grabbed one of everything. Having already been in the Mediterranean for two weeks, starting with fresh, home-grown oranges and grapefruits was a must! Moving on to sliced cucumbers and tomatoes with local cheese. I enjoyed one chicken sausage, one beef sausage, one sauteed mushroom, a small scoop of scalloped potatoes and then moved on to the pancakes (coming back for a second house-made carob sauce and Nutella-stuffed one!) and two fried eggs to order.

What I loved: I must admit that the crepe-pancakes, stuffed with local carob and a touch of Nutella kept me happy all day.

Why I loved it: A delicious, five-star breakfast that we could have enjoyed for the entire course of the day had it not been for the schedule we were trying to keep of seeing the country.

Cost: Included in the cost of the hotel room

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