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( – Between the Merkaz and Ahuza, Haifa, Israel

How I heard of this place: Three years ago, on a visit to Haifa to see my sister and her family, I was introduced to Cafe Louise. It has, since, become the inspiration for my dream cafe (to own) and for the most perfect meals to serve my patrons. This year, we had to schedule a day to indulge in one of the best, healthiest and most satisfying meals of our stay!

Type of cuisine: We are happy to have you as a guest at Cafe Louise. A few words about our coffee shop…

Cafe Louise was established in order to offer a natural, healthy culinary experience. The dishes served at Cafe Louise are mostly made of whole flour, organic ingredients and are low in fat. A great emphasis was placed on the freshness of the food and on keeping it natural, free of preservatives, food-coloring, and other additives. In addition, we pay great attention to the nutritional value of the food, so the dishes at Louise are nutritious as well as great tasting. Every dish in the menu is the result of much thought and creativity, with the help of a natural clinical nutritionist, and is served to your table with a lot of love…The coffee shop was designed according to the discipline of Feng Shui in an effort to create a clean, calm and inviting environment. Adjacent to our coffee shop, you will find our store, where you can find our unique coffee blend, as well as quality health products and bread that is freshly baked on-site, according to the same principals of the coffee shop. We invite you to a harmonic experience of healthy flavors, natural scents, and a magical mood…

Ambiance: This place is one of my absolute favorites in Haifa! I have come twice, and already feel at home. The bakery/restaurant is split with a covered, open walkway that leads from the street and parking area, through the restaurant and towards the opposite end of the shopping complex, which includes a health food store, a dry cleaner, and perhaps another business or two. On one side, one finds the bakery and some restaurant seating, where fresh, home-made goods can be purchased (breads, pastries, jams, as well as bottled vinegars, oils, spreads and a variety of cheeses). This space also entertains the bar area, where the espresso machine is nestled between mugs and dishes, containers of homemade cookies and chocolate sauces for delicious caffeinated beverage toppings. The space across the wooden walkway, covered in floor-to-ceiling windows on all sides allows for beautiful natural lighting in the bright, warm space. Light, wooden chairs and tables throughout create cozy quarters and the feel of love all around. Each table, upon being occupied, is lined with a square, paper cover delicately designed with grass-hues and cattail shadows.

What I ordered: Walking around, taking photographs of the space, I came across a young man stocking shelves, jokingly warning his colleagues of the presence of an “industrial food spy“, who helped convince me that our table needed a fresh baked morning pastry (14 NIS). We enjoyed the sweet, custard-filled, light and flaky pastry to start. My sister and I, having sampled it in the past, knew that the Breakfast for Two – Indulge Yourselves (98 NIS total) was the way to go! Our meals were offered with the following: organic eggs, poached and served in a nest of thin kadaif (Middle Eastern pastry) filled with spinach and yogurt, accompanied by garlic spread, goat-feta cheese, labane (soft white goats milk cheese), house made jam, green organic tahina, tomato spread with calamata olives, grape leaves stuffed with goat cheese 5%, tofu spread, rolls of stuffed eggplant with goat cheese 5%, salmon with green onions, five-vegetable salad or quinoa salad (we chose quinoa) with carrots, cranberries “and other vegetables“. A variety of healthy homemade breads, natural juice (I chose Orange and Pear; Mojan went with Orange and Carrot) and coffee for two. My husband chose the Omelet Sandwich (whole 44 NIS) with organic eggs, garlic spread, labane, organic tahini, basil pesto spread, lettuce, sunflower sprouts and tomatoes, served with a side of fresh tossed salad. To drink, Chris ordered Grapefruit Juice (16 NIS) and was excited and intrigued by the Melon, Honey and Cinnamon Shake (21 NIS), which he also had to have. My brother-in-law opted to create his own meal, and ordered two eggs, scrambled, partaking of the fresh-baked bread and spreads brought to our table.

What I loved: The quinoa salad is always a favorite of mine at Cafe Louise! That, with the vegetable salad, topped with tahini, had to be the best combination on my plate. Of course, the poached eggs in the interesting and creative kadaif nest tasted superbly fresh and light. The Omelet Sandwich I had the opportunity to sample, too, was flavorful, hearty and amazingly good. It’s really hard to decide what is the best part of a meal at Cafe Louise. Just when I think I know, I remember something else on the plate that was just as good, if not better, than the last thing. Yum.

Why I loved it: The space is very bright, open and laid-back. The people are friendly, building rapport through jokes and a sense of family. The food always good and always very fresh. The creativity of the chef and the presentation of each meal unmatched.

Cost: Average to high (29-45 NIS per meal)

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