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( – Grand Kanyon, Haifa, Israel

How I heard of this place: When I first arrived on this trip to Haifa, Mojan couldn’t stop raving about this smoothie place that opened up at the mall in recent months. While she had yet to sample any of the frozen and juice concoctions, she would exuberantly describe a red chili pepper and grapefruit smoothie that she could not wait to get her hands on. The first time we made it to the Mall, however, we had just consumed a large lunch and could not partake. This time, we knew to arrive hungry.

Type of cuisine: Creative fruit juices, smoothies and frozen yogurt beverages.

Ambiance: Mall dining at its highest, with the tall ceilings of Grand Kanyon, the natural light streaming from the tall windows leading to the outside, the wide, vast and undisturbed walkways, the shiny tiles and a corner healthy smoothie joint. Not to mention the simple rides for children just beyond, which assist in keeping the little ones at bay, while the adults enjoy their creative concoctions. The space itself, white with green accents brings green and healthy to a higher standard as it entices the senses.

What I ordered: My sister had been eager to sample one of the smoothies (with hot chilies) for some time, and this was our opportunity! Until we found out they were out of that particular option. Instead, she selected the re:shape, a smoothie of banana, dried figs, California walnuts and Flax seeds. I went with something sweeter in the re:mix category, the mix|mango smoothie created with mango, banana, melon, honey and cinnamon.

What I loved: I absolutely loved the one my sister ordered, with its gritty and hearty texture, though the fig became overwhelming towards the end. My own smoothie, only a sample of which I could muster from my nephew’s tight grip, was sweet and flavorful, the cinnamon adding an unique and surprisingly delicious flavor.

Why I loved it: Simple, easy and so many options! I especially love that in Israel they are very happy to use goat milk/yogurt, which adds a different tang and is more easily digested.

Cost: Average to high (14-24 NIS per serving)

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