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( – Merkaz in Haifa, Israel

How I heard of this place: When planning a dinner out with some new friends from the Pilgrimage Group that Chris is in, my sister recommended this new restaurant (new since I was here in April 2011).

Type of cuisine: Network “Barbarossa” combines three areas of hospitality under one roof: the latest kitchen which serves classic dishes based on products from our region, along with the creation of packet network, plus a quality sushi menu. Considerable attention in the food total only fresh products. Each course is located for the client at the time of booking and not a minute before him. Elegant bar of “Barbarossa” staffed professional bartenders that give customers impeccable service. You will find a wide variety of beverages, a selection of beers on tap, and a perfect combination of drinks with the food served there.”

Ambiance: Rich, earth tones abound in this cozy nook of a space overlooking the Bay of Haifa. Dark wood ceilings set against amber walls, with soft, golden, paper lamps overhead, the floor-to-ceiling windows with intricate ironwork along the edges looking out onto the Mediterranean bring cooling tones of blue and green into the mix. Cushioned booth seating on dark brown leather benches accompany the lighter wood of chairs at the opposite end of the tables throughout the smallish establishment. We were seated in the corner booth at a square table comfortably seating the six of us dining at Barbarossa this evening. A lone, spherical chandelier of sparkling circles of faux-Swarovski diamonds beautifully lit the space overhead and added elegance to the masculine tones of the restaurant and bar. A brown, shuttered doorway, open in the arch, leads staff from the kitchen to the bar and dining hall. The bar is sleek, with one row of bottles on each of the two shelves, each evenly distanced from the other. A wallpaper with the print of cassette tape lines the space between the counter and the shelving upon which the bottles are stored.

What I ordered: Dining with six, we had two orders of Malt Beer (10 NIS each) and waters all around. Chris immediately selected the Entrecote Steak 300 g’ (102 NIS), prepared in beef stock with a cream and mustard dressing, garlic confit and grilled potatoes. Our two Canadian friends shared the Health Salad (32 NIS) served with sprouted lentils, beansprouts, tomatoes, onion, almonds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds in an olive oil & lemon dressing. Our two friends from the state of New York selected more familiar fare: the Entrecote Burger (43 NIS each) served with mayonnaise. I started with the Soup du Jour (29 NIS): sweet potato soup (to share with my husband) and, at the recommendation of our waitress, ordered the Corvina a la Provence (95 NIS) for my main entree. The fillet of corvina fish was served over mashed potatoes, swimming in a puddle of lemon and butter with cherry tomatoes, Kalamata olives and garlic. Seeing the dessert menu, none of us could refuse! Our Canadian friends took our servers emphatic recommendation for the Belgian Waffle (38 NIS) served with soft ice cream and laced with cranberries, crushed nuts, berry syrup and white chocolate ganache. We had one order for the Napoleon Creme Brulee (39 NIS) with layers of caramelized puff pastry and creme brulee laced with white chocolate ganache and berry syrup, and two Chocolate Fondants (38 NIS each), served with butter cookie crumble, berries and white chocolate ganache with soft ice cream.

What I loved: Above all else, the desserts won my heart. Everything from the warm and gooey chocolate lava cake to the most creative creme brulee I have seen to date. The flavors, the creativity, the textures, each came together with surprising power and perfect harmony.

Why I loved it: Delicious food in the company of great friends, old and new, overlooking one of the most stunning seas in the world.

Cost: High (40-120 NIS per dinner entree)

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