Iwo’s Meat Burger

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(iwos.co.il) – Jerusalem, Israel

How I heard of this place: Chris and I happened upon Meat Burger on our first night, together, in Israel. Walking up the small, winding, cobblestoned alley-ways of Jerusalem, exploring the city, we stumbled upon Iwo’s Meat Burger and decided to venture in. One of the only restaurants we happened by on this Shabat evening, Chris’s jaw dropped at the sight of one pound beef burgers and our walk had to be delayed. Plus, they claim to be “The Best Hamburger in Jerusalem” so who could refuse?

Type of cuisine: Burgers, Israeli style. Thick-cut fries. Golden, deep fried onion rings.

Ambiance: Small indoors, but the patio stretches out, far into the sidewalk, and wide to the corner, reaching the street on each side. Inside, the crowds hoarded to the order counter, and sat at the bar where one could view (and shake hands with) his chefs. Three cooks busily prepared burger after burger, fulfilling order after order, as Israeli after Israeli cut the line ahead of us, pushing her way to the front to place her order, ask her questions and change her selection. Meanwhile, children sat at the turning barstools, and many a young lad crammed into the only corner table/chair space (hosting maybe six people comfortably) to watch football (soccer) on the overhead big screen. White tiled walls, a mirror along the side facing the kitchen staff, with only one, lone soccer jersey hung in prominent site. Outside, mismatched tables and folding chairs sat on uneven cobblestone, large, red umbrellas overhead. The sound of cheery football fans, the smell of cigarettes, we were definitely back in Israel.

What I ordered: Our first night in Israel. We arrive smack in the middle of Shabat and nothing is open. We have two options: burgers here or burgers next door, and we choose MEAT Burger…simply for it’s name. Tempted by the plate of three minis, I changed my mind only because I had to do the same burger creation with each of the three. Boy, would I haveloved to sample three different burgers altogether. Instead, basing my order off of my husbands, I ordered the Maxi (250g) Burger (36 NIS) with Parmesan cheese, grilled mushrooms and bacon, garlic-mayonnaise, “barbiqu” (at the recommendation of the server), with “all vagitables” and a side of French Fries (12 NIS). Chris selected the same burger with pesto as the sauce, and Onion Rings (14 NIS) on the side. We each selected our beverages (2 NIS each) of Sparkling Guava Juice and Sprite to top off the meal.

What I loved: The onion rings. Grilled and fried for added flavor and gusto!

Why I loved it: I love the atmosphere surrounding Israeli eateries. Plenty of people lingering, some eating, others chatting with their friends on staff, others just happening by and taking a seat at the outdoor patio, people-watching. No one is in a rush. No one rushes you to turn tables and make another buck. No one to question your order or take further orders. Order. PIck up your food. Enjoy it, undisturbed.

Cost: Average to high (27 – 46 NIS per burger)

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