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(wethepizza.com) – Pennsylvania Avenue (Capitol Hill), Washington, DC

How I heard of this place: My friend, Eamon, first introduced me to We, the Pizza about 10 months ago, while we were in Capitol Hill for a public meeting/reception in recognition of the Yaran (Baha’is wrongfully imprisoned in Iran). More information here: http://iran.bahai.us/tag/yaran/ On this second visit to the Capitol Building Visitor Center, once again speaking out against the human rights violations against the Baha’is in Iran and working to further educate the American public with the Education Under Fire campaign (more information here: http://educationunderfire.com/), we finally made our way over.

Type of cuisine: Pizza pies, in pizza ovens and on cast iron skillets, wings, soups, salads, subs, soda and beer. Simple, yet profoundly beautiful and amazingly tasty.

Pizza Pies

Ambiance: The space exudes fun and community from the moment one sets foot on the doorstep.  The circular logo, a star in the middle, stamped with “We, the Pizza” welcomes patrons through the floor-to-ceiling store front windows and glass door. The white with black tiled floors and glossy, white intricately tiled ceiling with recessed lighting provides a retro feel in the long, narrow space, half of which is the pizza kitchen (to the left). Walk beyond the dozen Pilates ball-circumference-sized pizza pies. Six red, cushioned leather stools on black legs sat against the long barquette facing the panoramic mirror set against a bright red wall. Looking into the mirror, one can view the busy kitchen preparing and warming pizza after pizza for take-out and for patrons dining in. In the kitchen, glossy white tiled walls surround the space not taken up by the store-front window that allows passerby to be enticed while viewing the pizza making in action. Continue along the long ordering counter, passing ladles hung from the ceiling over large, black pots of soup: Chicken Noodle, Tomato, and Macaroni. The large, black menu with red and white lettering takes up the entirety of the back wall, giving you the opportunity to make last minute additions as you pick up your fountain beers and pay the cashier.

Pizza Walls

The wall on your right hosts a large, flat-screen television set playing the night’s basketball extravaganza, next to a black and white mural. The mural, an “oven-fresh pizza” van is surrounded by what appears to be tens of thousands of people, many of whom are shirtless, and an oddly placed camping tent. The word We in bold print over the photograph, next to the quote (found under “Why I loved it” below) maintains interest, yet compels diners to continue their eye candy search for the next bold illustration or photograph. Fountain beverages and vats with pumps of ranch dressing, red hot sauce, Louisiana hot, jalapeno sauce, medium sauce and BBQ sauce await as you turn to the left, pick up your orders (ready when your personal buzzer vibrates in your hand) and make your way up the stairs to your seating area. A small seating space, white walls meeting a red ceiling, with limited (to two tables and four chairs) is quickly passed as you follow the white-tiled path towards the staircase. Upstairs, the large seating area is unassuming with the thick white separating wall, complete with rounded window outlets in between. Hardwood floors, red, cushioned and backed chairs against black-framed white tables and black leather booths keep us content as we throw down some mouth-watering pie.

Order Here

What I ordered: Having mulled and drooled over the ten or so pies in the window on thick-cut, circular wooden blocks, I finally narrowed it down to two: Forest Shroomin’ Pie ($4 per slice) with wild forest mushrooms, truffles, mozz, and fresh thyme, and the Spinach & Artichoke Pie ($4 per slice) with béchamel, sautéed spinach and roasted chokes, aged provolone, and Parmesan cheese.

My Pies

I helped one of my dining companions choose his three: Sausage & Peppers Pie ($4 per slice), prepared with house-made tomato sauce, mozz, homemade Italian sausage, oven-roasted peppers, fennel seed, and fresh basil, Fresh Buffalo Mozz and Roasted Tomato Pie ($4 per slice), one of the most popular with fresh mozz, oven-roasted tomatoes, house-made tomato sauce, fresh basil, and extra virgin olive oil,


Seraj's Pies

and the daily special: Bacon-Cheddar ($4 per slice).

Bacon-Cheddar Pie

I also elected to bring home three slices, one at the recommendation of a regular customer who showed up as I was askeding for advice, for my Chrissy-Poo: Colletti’s Notorious BBQ Pie ($4 per slice), knowing that it was one Chris, himself would have chosen with slow roasted pulled pork with Colletti’s award winning BBQ sauce, cheddar and crispy onions; the Buffalo Chicken Pie ($4 per slice) at the recommendation of the regular, with spicy boneless chicken wings, creamy blue cheese, mozz, and Miguel’s hot sauce, and the White Pie ($4 per slice), at Eamon’s recommendation, made with today’s ricotta, fontina, roasted garlic, Parmesan, mozz, sea salt, olive oil, and fresh Italian parsley. Next time, I’m going to try the Simple Cheese Pie and the Pepperoni Pie.

What I tried, Thursday, February 16, 2012: Of the three slices I brought home for my Sweetface, two topped the charts and made it to the top spot in my pizza pie medley: Notorious BBQ Pie and the White Pie. Each with it’s own tambre, roasted garlic pungency, and sweet, crisp, mouthwateringly good.The Buffalo Chicken could have used more Buffalo and more oomph, but overall, I am pleased with my selections and excited to return to We, the Pizza.

What I loved: So far, I have sampled four of the five we ordered to dine in. Between the cheddar-bacon, spinach & artichoke, sausage & peppers and the shroomin’ pie, I enjoyed them in the exact opposite order just listed. The wild mushroom pie a stellar cut above the rest. The cheddar-bacon, while interesting, would have made a better calzone or fancy grilled cheese sandwich. I liked the freshness of the spinach and artichokes on that piece of pie, but it left some flavor to be desired. The sausage and peppers was one of my eight dining companions’ favorite, and if I liked pork sausage and fennel more, I, too, may have agreed. The obvious winner for me, though, was the shroomin’ pie. Tonight, I will reheat and sample the three I brought home for my hubby…the verdict is still out.

Why I loved it: We, the Pizza’s dedication to the community and service to the people of DC really struck me. I love their vision, their outlook and the opportunity they have taken to remind us all that WE are in this together: “‘We’ is powerful. “We” is strong. “We” is where “I” meets “you” and “us” meets “them” and change happens. “We” means togetherness, unity, peace and good will. “We” will never be alone. “We” is selfless, because there is no “self” in “we.” “We” is community and family. “We” is belonging. “We” is no one place or thing or idea. “We” is an ideal. “We” is the promise of better days and brighter futures and the opportunity to finally be ourselves because together, “we” are one. “We” are all. There is no separation or exclusion with “we.” Smells are richer. Sights are more beautiful. Sounds are clearer and tastes more glorious with “we.” “We” brings meaning to the mundane. When “we” joins together and puts another before “I” and “me,” the world becomes a better place. And “we” are all in this together. Welcome to “We.” WE, THE PIZZA.”

Cost: Average to high ($3-$4 per large, thin-crust slice; $16-$18 per whole pie)

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