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( – Ballston neighborhood, Arlington, Virginia

How I heard of this place: Wow. If anyone can remember where and when they first heard of Subway, post a comment below. I sure am at a loss for when I first walked into a Subway franchise.

Type of cuisine: Fast, healthy food by way of easy-to-prepare sandwiches, made to order – right in front of the customer – using freshly baked breads, select sauces and a variety of fresh, delicious toppings.

Ambiance: This Subway location, similar to other Subway’s, but found in the Ballston Common mall food court, has a kiosk set-up with yellow tones, plastic and laminate, food court seating and an order counter with the toppings for each sandwich in plain view behind the plexi-glass window panel.

What I ordered: My husband ordered a foot-long Oven Crisp Chicken sandwich ($5.50) on whole wheat bread.  He added lettuce, tomato, onion, green bell peppers, and a chipotle-ranch sauce. In the mood for a salad, I turned the Turkey Avocado sandwich ($5.50) into a salad (additional $0.75 for one scoop of avocado): with shredded lettuce, tomato, green bell peppers, red onion, olives, sliced pepperoncinis, two strips of bacon, a small ice cream scoop of squished avocado and chicken instead of turkey, topped with a honey-mustard dressing.

What I loved: Easily accessible, convenient location and a quick, relatively inexpensive take-out dinner.

Why I loved it: I loved sharing our first meal, together, as husband and wife in our new apartment!

Cost: Low to average ($5-$8 per sandwich/salad)

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