That’s A Some Italian Ristorante

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( – Poulsbo, Washington 

That's a Some Italian Ristorante

How I heard of this place: My cousins, Sheida & Lucy Luna, and my aunt, Gisela had spent about ten days, leading up to the wedding at the Guest House Inn & Suites in Poulsbo. During their stay, they had the opportunity to dine at numerous local restaurants, including That’s-a-Some-Italian Ristorante, where they took my sister and I on this beautiful summer day, to partake of fresh, hand tossed pizzas.

That's a Some Italian Ristorante Mural

Type of cuisine: Pizza, pasta and everything Italian.

That's a Some Italian Ristorante Inside

Ambiance: A quaint and cozy setting, this rustic establishment warmly greets patrons into their brightly-painted red and green interior. Mural-painted walls include brick backgrounds with a pizza chef, hand-tossing pizza dough into the air behind a painted doorway leading to the woodfire grill.

That's a Some Italian Ristorante Kitchen & Signage

Windows along the front of the restaurant look out towards the patio, where white, fabric umbrellas offer shade to outside diners seated on green, plastic chairs; and onto the parking lot directly behind the waterfront. Red- and white-checked tablecloth line the tables in this front portion of the cafe, where round, wood-backed chairs offer seating to diners.

That's a Some Italian Ristorante Kitchen

The kitchen space is located just behind a bar, red paint against the wall underneath, where glasses are displayed upside-down underneath diamond-shaped wooden wine racks overhead. Through the space between glasses and counter-top can be found additional silverware, plates, water pitchers and drinking cups, beers on tap, a sleek-looking espresso machine and a small lamp, off-balance.

That's a Some Italian Ristorante Cabinet

The wooden slats making up the ceiling are painted in bright, Italian-flag red, where bright green reinforcement bars in thick-cut wood make there way across. Lights set in the ceiling can be turned on and off by pulling on the corked lines making their way down to within arms reach. A small shelf above the green-framed windows host trinkets such as jars and bottles, pictures and posters, as well as small pots of fake greenery. Everything from a poster of “Lady and the Tramp” to a framed picture of the Leaning Tower of Pisa (hung askew in order that the Tower is no longer leaning), to a framed magazine article of Ted Kennedy, and a drawing of Mickey Mouse, losing its luster, presumably from years of hanging on the restaurant wall. To the back of the establishment, a green-framed doorway and windows look out onto more restaurant seating and murals painted against the walls.

That's a Some Italian Ristorante Seating

A wooden barrel holds menus and a large armoir contains the salt & pepper shakers, oil & vinegar containers and baskets of coloring for younger guests. One such coloring paper is of Garfield holding a pizza with one, lit candle in the center, smiling mischievously at the artist. The children’s menu as well as male and female slices of pizza, holding hands, also grace the page. A blue, plastic cup of wax crayons keep young patrons quiet and happy as their meals are being prepared.

What I ordered: On this first lunch visit, my aunt selected the Eggplant Parmesan ($9.99), fresh eggplant rolled in a seasoned Parmesan breading with homemade marinara sauce, mozzarella and provolone cheeses. The rest of us (four) shared the Fresh Vegetarian pizza ($19.99 large) with mushrooms, green peppers, onions, black olives and fresh slices of tomato laid across the top before serving.

Pizza in Poulsbo

We requested the addition of artichoke hearts ($1.75) for our little Lucy Luna. At our table, we also had two orders of Lemonade ($2 each) and one Raspberry Italian Soda ($3).

On a return trip, Saturday, 28 March 2015My husband, a friend and I, craving Italian food, ventured towards That’s a Some Italian Ristorante for a late lunch. To start, one Thomas Kemper Root Beer ($2.50), and two Raspberry Italian Sodas ($3 each).

That's a Some Italian Ristorante Italian Soda

An appetizer also graced our tables, as we were unable to turn away from the Garlic Gorgonzola ($11.99): an incredible appetizer prepared with fresh garlic, pancetta, onions and gorgonzola cheese, puréed with fresh herbs and topped with almonds, served hot with toast rounds.

That's a Some Italian Ristorante Garlic Gorgonzola

Our dining companion selected the Fettuccine Alfredo ($9.99) for her main entrée, a light cream herb sauce tossed with fettuccine noodles and accompanied by grilled chicken breast ($3.99).

That's a Some Italian Ristorante Fettucini Alfredo with Chicken

My husband and I, each ordered from the Daily Specials Menu. For him, the Catch ($10.95): fresh rockfish sautéed and finished in a cream sauce with pesto, sun-dried tomatoes and Kalamata olives, served on a bed of gluten-free pasta and topped with fresh grated Parmesan cheese.

That's a Some Italian Ristorante Special Catch

For me, Pizza By The Slice ($7.50), including a large slice of pizza with two regular toppings (pepperoni and mushroom)

That's a Some Italian Ristorante Pizza By the Slice

and a small house salad of farm fresh seasonal greens and gorgonzola dressing.

That's a Some Italian Ristorante House Salad

What I loved: The pizza was hot, fresh and delicious. It truly hit the spot!

Why I loved it: The name of the restaurant gives it a playful and family-friendly feel that continues to be felt inside. The staff are pleasant and the food well worth returning for!

Cost: Average to high ($15-$20 per pizza)

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