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(doughpeddler.com/flame/) – Pioneer Square neighborhood, Seattle, Washington

How I heard of this place: Friends of mine have been using Flame Catering for years at their weddings. I began recommending them to others as they ventured into marriage, and now, this time, it was my turn!

Type of cuisine: Everyone I know that has used their services has always ordered Persian fare. Other genres on their menu boast BBQ, Mexican, Italian, “All-American”, Steak & Chops, Seafood, etc. Why mess with those, when you have Persian rice, beef and marinated chicken kababs, Persian stews and sides?

Ambiance: The ambiance around Flame is such that no one can refuse when surrounded by the amazing fragrances of fresh made rice, topped with saffron and gorgeous stews! The wedding is complete when Flame arrives!

What I ordered: On this sampling adventure, I tried a little of everything on the buffet: white rice with saffron, zereshk polo with chicken, baghali polo (with lamb, which I opted against), ghormeh sabzi, khoreshteh bademjan, kabab koobideh and joojeh kabab. On the side, I saved a little room for the salad Shirazi and mastokhiar.

What I loved: It’s hard not to love everything that Flame has catered – in my experience. That being said, the kabab koobideh stood out to me as one of the most flavorful, perfectly grilled and succulent dishes I have had outside of my mom & dad’s grilled Persian delicacies.

Why I loved it: The portions are nearly endless, the food plentiful and filling, completely tasty and satisfying. I love that you can – if you have room – go back for seconds, thirds and even take some to go (though you might have to fight the bride and groom for leftovers!). Everyone has something with which they can satiate appetites and no one complains about any lack of flavor and taste, nor of food.

Cost: Low to average (Depending on the occasion, the number of guests, etc. the typical amount per plate is $9.95, with $1 additional per person for tea/coffee service)

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