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( – Warwick, New York

How I heard of this place: On a visit to New York to visit our good friend and fellow-Seattlite, Samyar, we were told of numerous deli sandwiches which we had to try between New York and New Jersey. Without a lot of time to go hunting down each of the joints the Bukovcan’s recommended, we were given a walking and driving tour of the village of Warwick, and then taken to Larry’s Deli for a sample of one of the best sandwich spots in town!

Type of cuisine: Deli-style sandwiches and heros, paninis, wraps and comfort sides, including salads (chicken, tuna, seafood, egg, a Greek salad, taco, chef, Caesar and mixed greens), macaroni & cheese, etc.

Larry's Deli Menu

Ambiance: Set inside a mini-mart, Larry’s can be found at the far back of the store, but could easily take over the entire space with the number of customers and the abundance of foods available! A glass display case hosts the cold salads just ahead of you as you walk towards the back of the shop; immediately to the right is a large case of Boar’s Head meats. Tattered printed sheets of paper taped to the outside of the displays boast things like, “Larry’s Now Carries: Arthur Ave. Bread”! Large, beautifully colored signs hang overhead, creating little to no space between the display and the bottom of the signage, while a small, lone chalkboard with colorful print touts the daily specials. Friendly staff call out, loudly to assist waiting patrons or pick-up orders and sincerely thank you while passing on the foot-long baton of savory goodness.

Larry's Deli To Go

What I ordered: One of my dining companions walked in with a meatball sub on the brain. On the specials menu, I noticed a Meat Ball Parm ($5 sandwich or $7.25 hero) and he was sold on the hero!

Meatball Parm

I was having a hard time focusing with the amount of information and meats available to me, but was happy to see him return the recommendation favor and pointed out the Chicken Bacon Supreme ($6.75 sand/$9 hero).

Chicken Bacon Supreme

Initially, when I saw the Buffalo Chicken ($5.50 sand/$8.25 hero), I couldn’t decide, but Samyar guided me back to the bacon on a hero! Samyar, himself, opted for a hot pastrami hero ($7.25) with grilled red onions.

Hot Pastrami with Grilled Onions

What I loved: Of the three sandwiches, I must admit, my bigger, thicker, more expensive hero won the vote of each of us, with leftovers to be shared between Chris and I on the drive home. I admit, though, that I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the meatball sandwich, and would be highly tempted to try it, again, on another visit! The soft bread which soaked up the juices from the sandwich toppings, the generous helpings and the flavor in each bite gave me ever reason to understand the love of NY subs! The juicy fried chicken breast, the thin and crispy bacon along with shredded lettuce and thin slices of tomato, not to mention the flavorful, yet light sauce drizzled across my hero, made for a sandwich well worth writing home about!

Why I loved it: I’m surprised and happy to see that Larry’s has a website, an online menuand offers catering! I love that it is located at the back of what resembles a gas station mini-mart and has so many employees that no one is left waiting for long! I love that you can phone or fax your orders in! I love that it was open on the 4th of July and gave us the opportunity to sample a real NY style deli sandwich.

Cost: Average to high ($4.50-$9 per sandwich)

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