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(hellocupcakeonline.com) – Washington, DC

How I heard of this place: I actually had never heard of the place until Chris’s house-mate, Mary, brought a small box home from work. After devouring our pizza and calzone, we needed a sweet dessert, and hello cupcake answered the call.

Type of cuisine: A sophisticated twist on an old-fashioned favorite“, Hello Cupcake makes their “gourmet cupcakes fresh and from scratch, all-day, everyday in [their] shop on Connecticut Avenue. Using highest quality, fresh, seasonal and local ingredients – [they] create distinctive treats, each a delightful little gem. With over 50 flavors ranging from the simple to the sublime, along with seasonal and holiday selections, you are sure to find a favorite!” The owner, Penny Karas shares on her website: “I learned the art of making delicious pasty at the apron strings of my Greek mother, aunts and cousins. Every detail was considered; everything was fresh and natural (sometimes from our own cows, goats and hens!) They believed cutting corners resulted in a less-than-perfect product, so they prided themselves on making everything from scratch – and so do I. Making home-baked treats for family, friends, and at-home gatherings fueled my passion for pastry and led to the creation of Hello Cupcake. I bring the “Greek Mother” philosophy to everything we do at Hello Cupcake, from the high-quality baked goods, to the sparkling clean, charming and inviting environment, to our friendly and helpful staff. I even do the occasional matchmaking.”


Ambiance: (To be addressed when I have the opportunity to go in.)

What I ordered: Without having ordered anything, per se, we were given full rights to one of the three HC Originals in the box: just like the birthday party cakes of yesteryear, we had a vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream frosting, vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream frosting, and chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting, each topped with colorful confetti sprinkles. The one we were asked to keep our hands off of was the Cookies-n-Cream, a moist vanilla cake studded with chunks of chocolate cream cookies, topped with cookies n’ cream frosting and an adorable mini cookie. Chris and I chose the two vanilla cakes, one with vanilla frosting and the second with chocolate frosting.

What I loved: I loved the sweetness of the frosting without the overpowering flavor and texture of butter.

Why I loved it: Hello Cupcake, like most every cupcake shop, offers vegan and gluten-free cupcakes daily. Their dense cake tastes like it came from a good, old-fashioned box of cake mix and holds the high mountain of thick buttercream like no other!

Cost: (To be addressed when I have the opportunity to go in.)

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