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(eversonsteakhouse.com) – Everson, Washington

How I heard of this place: Years ago, my parents stopped at a place in Everson called the Black Forest, on a drive back from Canada with old friends, visiting from Southern California. Apparently, Mel suggested stopping at a place about which he had heard rave reviews. My parents have not stopped raving their own reviews ever since. They now return at least once each year, during the Baha’i period of Fasting, to enjoy a large meal with good friends. My dad’s birthday celebration was the first time any others in our family had the opportunity to try out the newly renamed Herb Niemann’s Steak House Restaurant.

Type of cuisine: For dinner, Herb Niemann’s Steak and Schnitzel House offers a mouth-watering array of steaks, Bavarian specialties, seafood and desserts. There is no substitute for great food in a comfortable setting to please the palate and Herb Niemann’s Steak and Schnitzel house delivers just that.” 

Hatchet Doorknob

Ambiance: Greeted by a hatchet doorknob stuck in the large, wooden door, I immediately knew we were in for a treat! The large windows along the front of the establishment barely allowed walker-by to see the dark interior, with minimal lighting. The small hallway at the entrance, wooden walls and a small white, dry erase board, listing the drink specialties, while a chalkboard provided the food specials of the evening, ended with a vine-wrapped terrace just before one enters the log-cabin-esque restaurant. Just beyond a half-wall divider between the hallway and the back of the establishment, is the grill, behind a glass window, that resembles a fireplace. The thick wooden tables and large, cozy armchairs make every seat a comfortable one at Herb Niemann’s. The seats we requested, at the window, also offered a booth along one side of the table, where my parents comfortably took their seats ahead of Mojgan and I. Hunting displays, including antlers hung like a chandelier at the middle of the restaurant ceiling, Bavarian art, including shelves of ceramics and pottery, hung in the rustic feel of the interior, where brick walls and wooden accents dwell. A stone fireplace creates a sense of home and warmth, nestled among the chairs and tables at the center of the establishment, while mini white lights lace the edges of the mesquite grill. “Whether enjoying the relaxing atmosphere of our stone fireplace and log cabin style dining rooms or having a little fun in our bar. Herb Niemann’s Steak and Schnitzel house offers great food and service for the right price. Nestled in the middle of Everson, Herb Niemann’s Steak and Schnitzel House has been serving its customers since 1993. With two dining rooms and a bar this steak house offers atmospheres for both adults and families alike, including parties up to 50 people. Enjoy one of our many Mouth Watering Bavarian style dishes. Backed by over 50 years of experience Herb Niemann has worked hard to make sure you get the best Schnitzel and Steak without having to fly to Europe.”   

What I ordered: Since we were here to celebrate my dad’s birthday, we took his lead when it came time to order. Our table started with two appetizers, Breaded Zucchini ($4.95) with a Hollandaise-style dipping sauce, and Breaded Mushrooms ($4.95)each served in a small cast iron two-handled skillet.

Breaded Veggies

Our meals each came with a side of either Lentil Soup, Goulash Soup (made with sirloin and tenderloin), or Caesar Salad, with homemade dressing, and the option of upgrading (for a few dollars more, $3.95) to the Baked French Onion Soup.

Baked French Onion Soup

Tempted to join my dad and my sister with their orders of Caesar Salad, I went with the French Onion Soup, at the high recommendation of our server and to assist in diversifying our meals. My mom selected the Lentil chowder. On a roll and wishing to try something new and different, I selected the Schnitzel Cordon Bleu ($16.95), which won First prize at the World Culinary Competition in Paris, France! The breaded cutlet is filled with ham and Swiss cheese before being fried, and is served on a large, tin plate with potatoes, pickled red cabbage and green beans.

Cutlet Cordon Bleu

Each entree is served with garlic toast, which was set at our table along with the appetizers.

Garlic Toast

My parents both ordered their favorite: Wiener Schnitzel ($15.95 each), a Vienna style breaded cutlet served with a lemon wedge, pickled red cabbage, potatoes and green beans. My sister selected the Schnitzel Neptune ($18.95), at my recommendation, because I wanted to try the tiger prawns served with drawn butter for dipping, alongside the breaded cutlet and vegetables on the rest of our plates.

Schnitzel Neptune

Consuming these large, 12-inch in diameter plates of delicious food kept us too full for dessert, but the house-made Black Forest Cake, Creme Brulee and Apple Tart sound like they are worth returning for!

What I loved: The garlic toast, I must admit, was my favorite thing by way of sides. I thoroughly enjoyed the crisp breading of the schnitzels, the Cordon Bleu winning my vote for taste, consistency and diversity. Despite the extra-saltiness of the French Onion Soup, I love that there was no skimping on cheese, leaving more than enough to enjoy with my garlic toast! I knew I would love the joint when I saw, on the front of the menu, a quote by Herb Niemann, Chef & Owner, “My culinary art is wasted on those who salt before they’ve tasted.

Why I loved it: I loved being out at a restaurant with my family. It is a rare occasion in the Sami household to eat out, so to be able to enjoy a large, delicious meal, locally, with my family, especially in celebration of my dad’s 70th birthday, was a treat all in itself!

Cost: Average ($15.95-$27.95 per generous dinner entree)

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