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(chowfoods.com/five) – Upper Queen Anne neighborhood, Seattle, Washington

How I heard of this place: When I first moved to Seattle, and came upon Upper Queen Anne, I was convinced that someday I would live there, and I would enjoy breakfast at the 5 Spot. Sadly, I never made it to living there, nor eating there, during my eight years in Seattle. But, today, on a trip down for the Seattle Sounders vs New England Revolution MLS game, it had to be our brunch stop!

Type of cuisine: Regional American Food is the theme, and rotating menus from around the States keep patrons coming back for more. “5 SPOT’s menu offers big flavored food and kitsch from all points of the continental U.S. Our menus are inspired by our nation’s cultural roots and history that’s found on kitchen tables across America.

Our roaming menu might find us parlez vous-in’ down Bourbon Street, two steppin’ into Texas, or soakin’ up those lazy, languid days along Florida’s Gulf Rim. Not feelin’ like goin’ too far outta town? 5 SPOT highlights its regular Melting Pot Meals from 5 defined regions (or spots) year-round for those who like to stick with a sure thing. The 5 SPOT starts out each day with a kick-ass breakfast and we don’t stop till midnight. We’re cookin’ seven days a week on top of the hill. At the 5 SPOT, the grill is always hot and the beer is always cold. Don’t forget our Late Night Menu with eight items for only $5.55 each. Wash ’em down with $1.11 PBRs—all starting at 10 p.m. daily.”

Ambiance: A fun and friendly, lively and bustling scene awaits you at the 5 Spot, not to mention other Chow Restaurants around Seattle. Kitsch artwork, reminiscent of the region being promoted at the time find their way onto walls, counter tops and even around the pillars! On this visit to Portlandia, fake birds on wire vines are perched around and in between pillars over the bar and towards the open kitchen. The large space offers an open room, with only one tall divider between the bar and cafe seating. Crowds await their turn to be seated either outside on the sidewalk, looking in the floor-to-ceiling windows and door along the front, Queen Anne Ave-facing side of the establishment, or immediately inside the restaurant. A rounded bar is available for patrons over the age of 21 years and not wishing to wait in the long lines for a table. Wooden tables and chairs are stuffed with happy people throughout, clanging silverware, talking loudly and eating up a storm! A lone chalkboard with the breakfast special is hung on one wall, just ahead of the restroom hallway. Brightly colored and vibrant framed paintings and other artwork, which change with the theme, are hung throughout. The circular bar area leads directly to the kitchen, which is open and easily viewed from half of the restaurant. Staff are friendly and assertive, engaging and seem to truly enjoy their work at the 5 Spot. “A city is defined by its neighborhoods, and Seattle is jeweled by diverse, eccentric, highly distinctive and very proud communities. Our restaurants are located in these Seattle neighborhoods; Queen Anne, West Seattle and Ballard are the ‘hoods that we call home. Favored primarily by locals, we pride ourselves on creating restaurants that reflect the character of the neighborhoods in which they reside. Whether you’re a Seattle resident or an out-of-town visitor, for a fun and dynamic representation of each of these Seattle neighborhoods, we hope you’ll find comfort in one of our restaurants. The comfort is also in the cooking! We offer foods that soothe the soul, no matter what latitude you call home. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, we’re pretty much here for you at all (reasonable) hours.

In addition to our year-round regular menus of favorites, all of our restaurants feature a rotating Food Festival series that’ll take you all over the globe and through the four seasons of the Pacific Northwest! These menus are rich in history, flavor and tradition from cultures far and wide. The 5 Spot on Queen Anne explores the breadth of American regional foods, while Endolyne Joe’s menus wander the Americas, from the frigid Klondike to the southernmost reaches of South America. If you’re in the mood for seasonal Northwest dishes try the Hi-Life, which spotlights the in-house wood-fired grill and oven. With this menu program, we effectively open a new restaurant every three months so our neighborhood residents have a brand new set of menu selections from which to choose. Labeled by local press as “boredom-defying menus,” we strive to keep it fresh for our customers and staff alike. Thanks for your virtual interest in our restaurants. We hope you enjoy the visit. If something catches your eye, be sure to stop by! Set a spell and let our cookin’ cure what ails you. It’ll be a real pleasure. We hope to see you there! If we’re not in your neighborhood, we hope you’ll visit one of ours!” 

What I ordered: We were meant to have three diners at brunch on this morning venture, but ended up with four, sharing three meals. And it was more than enough! We ordered one item off of the Portlandia-themed menu: Pine State Fried Chciken-N-Biscuit ($9.75), a jumbo biscuit split & stacked with a buttermilk fried chicken thigh, Tillamook Sharp Cheddar, an over-hard egg, Joe’s bacon jam & sausage gravy. In addition to that, we also selected a favorite of our server: Foragers Forest Scramble ($9.75), with wild & not-so-wild mushrooms sauteed with jack cheese & spinach, served with a side of hash browns and buttered toast. My dining companion also felt inspired to try the Val Verde Scram ($10.50), eggs scrambled with avocado, scallions, cilantro & jack cheese served alongside sweet red pepper corn cakes and a grilled chorizo chub, nix the hash browns & toast. A small orange juice ($2.75) and a cup of coffee ($2.50) also made their way to our table, not to mention the free grapefruit mimosa that one of my dining companions enjoyed with her breakfast!

What I loved: Of the three items at our table, I most thoroughly and emphatically enjoyed the Fried Chicken-N-Biscuit! It was the most amazing combination of everything you love about brunch, wrapped up in one amazing bite! The savory, the slightly sweet,the greasy and the salty. Perfection. I also really enjoyed the freshness of the avocado and herbs in the scramble and the soft, yet crispy-edged hash browns. The fruit decor alongside each of the meals (an eighth slice of green apple, a round slice of orange, a small quartered slice of ripe pineapple and a strawberry) added the perfect amount of sweet freshness to the plate.

Why I loved it: Great ambiance! Excellent service! Delicious food! Man, I miss eating out in Seattle…

Cost: Average ($5.75-$10.75 per breakfast entree)

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