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(powerblendzjuiceandtan.com) – Cordata neighborhood, Bellingham, Washington

How I heard of this place: My almost-sister-in-law Suzanne and I had just finished a jog up and down Cordata Parkway in the glorious Bellingham sunshine, and were suddenly struck with a desire for a fresh fruit smoothie. Urbanspoon helped us locate this place, not far from where our jog ended.

Type of cuisine: “Fruit” smoothies and protein shakes, made from juices, non-fat yogurt (if they have it), ice cream. The website states that “All Power Blendz fruit smoothies and supplement shakes are made from Island Oasis 100% All Natural Real Fruit and NUCO’s Pharmaceutical Grade supplements“.

Ambiance: In a tanning studio, the space is sparse, with minimal decor or flair and brightly colored menu overhead. Walking through the hallway between tanning rooms, Suzanne and I found our way to the front, where floor-to ceiling windows and door entered onto a cashier counter, one hi-tech blender and small refrigerators full of a variety of concentrated juices. The menu boasts diet options from a Fat Burner to an Energizer smoothie, from Slim & Tone to Muscle Builder blends, in bold lettering, bright colors and nearly a dozen fruitflavors from which to choose. The space is very clean without seating and a minimal waiting area. Dark wooden counter tops and floors create a sense of warmth, while the lone girl at the counter numbly greets customers, writing down their orders on large styrofoam cups and slowly creating your desired beverage order.

What I ordered: My dining companion selected the Wildberry Fruit Smoothie (without a choice, we were each given a large size for $3 during Happy Hour). It looked delicious, but I had to try something else and selected a combination of two fruits: peach & mango. Each were made with ice cream, as they had run out of non-fat yogrut.

What I loved: I loved that the large size was so inexpensive and it was a conveniently-located blood-sugar booster for our post-run snack. I loved the uber-sweetness, which grows on you after the initial slap-in-the-face sip and brain freeze. I loved most the large size, which could easily be shared among three adults!

Why I loved it: Simple. Easy. No fuss.

Cost: Low to average ($3 per large-sized Happy Hour fruit smoothie, between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. daily; $2.95-$6 per power beverage, normally.)

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