Stumbling Goat Bar and Bistro

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( – Phinney Ridge neighborhood, Seattle, Washington

Stumbling Goat

How I heard of this place: While I am quite uncertain as to where and when I first found out about the Stumbling Goat, I am confident that it is one of my favorite places to dine in Seattle! And a great place to which I returned on my first visit back to Seattle after three months away.

Stumbling Goat Entry

Type of cuisine: Combining local ingredients in Northwest cuisine gives a fresh and clean flavor to local, sustainable items being prepared in a classic style. “Joshua Theilen has worked in some of Seattle’s top restaurants and catering establishments since graduating from the Art Institute of Seattle in 1999; including the Hunt Club in the Sorrento Hotel, Restaurant Zoë, and as the chef at Lowell Hunt Premier Catering. Most recently, Joshua was the executive sous chef at Trellis Restaurant in the Heathman Hotel in Kirkland. While at Trellis, Joshua won the Northwest Stir publication’s 2008 “Young Lion – Sous Chef” award. Chef Theilen brings to Stumbling Goat Bar & Bistro a passion for clean flavors, fresh local product and classic technique.”

Stumbling Goat Table Setting

Ambiance: A perfect neighborhood restaurant, combining artwork, a cozy space, and delicious food in a seamless and accessible fashion. The restaurant is broken up into two areas upon entering. The space immediately in front of you and to the right is open, generally well lit and also hosts the bar.

Stumbling Goat Kitchen

Local artists works are hanging (and available for purchase) throughout the space in colorful and bright style. Dark wooden tables and matching chairs, high and low, are set apart with enough space to walk between, yet close enough that charismatic conversations can be enjoyed by neighboring diners. To the left, upon entry and clearing past the hosts podium, you enter a more dramatic, sultry space, where the walls are painted deep red and the ceiling black.

Stumbling Goat Inside Left

Fewer tables are set in this portion of the restaurant, each ornamented with a miniature vase of three small flowers, a thick dark glass votive candle holder for ambient light and a miniature, but heavy glass bowl filled with salt. The seating area to the right as you enter, which can also be viewed from the doors suspended from the walls in the front, is more open, contains the bar, and feels slightly more casual.

Stumbling Goat Inside Right 2

Table decor is consistent, staff immensely friendly and helpful and the food as superb as ever! From conversation to clanging silverware, the Stumbling Goat is the perfect neighborhood restaurant for an evening out with friends or date night with that special someone! Add it to your list of places to try, restaurants to frequent and local establishments to support.

Stumbling Goat Seating

What I ordered: To start, we were offered the staple Stumbling Goat plates of thinly sliced French bread served with two spreads: a tomato, basil, garlic puree and an olive tapenade. Our drink orders ranged from Iced Tea ($3.50) to Mineral Water ($3.75 for 500mL) and tap water. Among our party of six, we had two starters, one Puree of Nettle Soup ($8) with creme fraiche and one Butter Lettuce Salad ($8), Point Reyes blue cheese, shaved radish and red onion and toasted hazelnuts, tossed in a sherry vinaigrette. For dinner, we had two orders of the Stumbling Goat’s Pan Roasted Mad Hatcher Farm Chicken ($24 each) served with Morel mushrooms and confit garlic, on creamy polenta, one order of the Tails and Trotters Pork Chop ($26) served with sautéed chard and gastrique glazed black velvet apricots. The remaining three dinner specials at the restaurant were saved for our three companions who could not even look twice at the menu after hearing about the Proscuitto-wrapped Wild Boar ($25 each) served over creamy polenta in reduced braising liquid. The dessert special, Strawberries over Poppy-seed laced Shortbread, whipped with whipped cream ($7) was ordered, along with six spoons for sharing! As was one cup of Caffe Vita’s Decaf Coffee ($3).

Stumbling Goat Restaurant Week Menu

On a return visit, Wednesday, 13 April 2016After hearing a rumor that the restaurant was set to close any day, we simply could not miss out on its Restaurant Week offering! We learned that they will be around for at least 18-months more, which is great news for future outings, but this meal was certainly memorable…and delicious as always.

As usual, my husband and I arrived a little early, so opted for the addition of an Artisan Cheese Plate with including one Spanish cheese, one bleu, a rhubarb marmalade and fig moustarda, served alongside house made crackers.

Stumbling Goat Cheese Plate 1

For our first course, we had each of the three options, and then one, at our table. For my husband, Grilled Asparagus with sauce romesco,

Stumbling Goat Asparagus

for me, the Artichoke Parmesan Bisque with curried crème fruit and chives,

Stumbling Goat Artichoke Soup

for one of our dining companions, the Baby Greens with pear, sherry vinaigrette and honey,

Stumbling Goat Salad

and the Chicken Soup special with crisped grains (rice, quinoa).

Stumbling Goat Chicken Soup

Our main entrées also included one of each selection. For my husband and I, the Braised Veal Cheeks (new to all of us) with spring vegetables and creamy polenta,

Stumbling Goat Veal

the Ramp and Artichoke Risotto with mascarpone and grana padono for one of our dining companions,

Stumbling Goat Risotto

and the Manchester Farms Confit Quail (new to all of us) with beluga lentils, grilled chicory and poached rhubarb.

Stumbling Goat Quail

For dessert, one Strawberry Coconut Tres Leches with key lime curd and coconut mousse,

Stumbling Goat Tres Leches Cake

two Chocolate Caramel Mousse Cakes with single malt butterscotch and hot fudge,

Stumbling Goat Chocolate Caramel Cake Top View

and one Rhubarb Brown Butter Crumble with cardamom ice cream and strawberry coulis.

Stumbling Goat Cobbler 3

What I loved: It is often difficult to pick just one thing that stands out at Stumbling Goat. Everything from the space to the appetizers, from the food and company to the artwork and feel of the interior make for a perfect dining experience. Of the main entrees, I believe I enjoyed each morsel of meat I sampled. The slightly crisped prosciutto, the buttery wild boar and the soft, tender and juicy pork chop, the chicken, seared to perfection, yet juicy and garlicky. I was blown away by the whole cloves of soft garlic throughout my meal as well as the fluffy, creamy polenta. Everything from the first bite to the last could have lasted longer and I would not have had any reason to complain – except maybe from being overly satisfied.

What I loved part II: The cheese plate! Each bite a miracle.

Stumbling Goat Cheese Bite

And, surprisingly, the flavor and crisp yet tender quail won me over by way of main entrées, though the veal was succulent, tender and very melt-in-your-mouth soft.

Stumbling Goat Quail Drumstick

The girls were in agreement that the rhubarb dessert won favorite of the evening, while the boys most appreciated the Tres Leches. Although the Mousse Cake was quite beautifully presented.

Stumbling Goat Chocolate Caramel Cake Inside

Why I loved it: I have yet to find something not to love about Stumbling Goat. From the friendly staff to the cozy neighborhood setting, from knowing that you are eating well, organic, local and sustainable foods, to feeling the satisfaction of a lip-smacking meal, Stumbling Goat leaves little (if anything) to be desired.

Cost: Average to high ($19-$27 for a la cart dinner entrees)

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