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(fuelcoffeeseattle.com) – Wallingford neighborhood, Seattle, Washington

How I heard of this place: I was first introduced to the Wallingford location several years ago by my friend and cafe-hopper, Sadiq. Since then, I have been to Fuel’s Capitol Hill and Montlake locations, too!

Type of cuisine: Coffee and pastries. Pure and simple. Very Seattle.

Ambiance: The brick facade outside complete with neon arrow pointing around the circular logo and towards the COFFEE sign, leading inside welcomes patrons with its bright colors and simplicity. Inside, the bricked walls continue, creating a rustic look and feel, among sparsely decorated walls and limited seating. The barquette at the front, looks out onto North 45th Street, merchandise against the wall, for purchase. The barista works behind a large bar, extending back, at least twenty feet, towards the glass, waist-height pastry case and seating at the back. Just beyond the bussing area, set against the wall to your right is the back, where a handful of metallic-topped wooden tables and silver, aluminum chairs are housed. In between them, and against the coffee-cup mural on the brick wall is one leather sofa-chair, a black coffee table, and two additional, black leather individual seats, where we made our home on this visit.

What I ordered: I ordered a single, tall, non-fat raspberry mocha (Hershey’s chocolate syrup). One dining companion ordered a tall non-fat latte and another selected a tall, non-fat coconut latte.

What I loved: I only sampled my own beverage on this visit, and have noticed that I am beginning to enjoy the light sweetness to my mochas more than my previous affinity towards uber-sweet espresso drinks. The hint of raspberry, the creamy milk, and the light chocolate made for a delicious start to a day of wedding dress shopping!

Why I loved it: Great company, large interior and an excellent selection of music from the 80s, over caffeine and home-packed treats! Perfect.

Cost: Average ($3-$5 per espresso beverage)

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