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( – David Pinsky 6, Haifa

How I heard of this place: My sister and brother-in-law had ordered Agadir burgers for take-away when I got home from Akka/Bahji. The house smelled good, the mini burgers (that my nephew was eating) looked great and I had to try one! When I asked from where these burgers came, they excitedly announced, Agadir! 

Type of cuisine: An eclectic burger bar with a mixed selection, focused on burgers, but with the addition of entrees such as chicken sandwiches, shrimp served in garlic sauce, chicken schnitzel and beef filet sandwiches, and appetizers such as French onion soup, spicy chicken wings, fried calamari and even homemade Moroccan cigars! Burgers are very basic at this Israeli burger bar: select the gram-size of your burger (chicken or beef) and then select your toppings and pay according to the number and type of extras you choose (from bacon to Emmenthal, fried egg to portobello mushroom).

Ambiance: Comparable to a typical American burger joint, large, dark and with speakers loudly playing rock and pop music. Even the website boasts rock music and a vibe and energy suggesting a young, hipster crowd. A family-friendly establishment, as with all other Israeli restaurants we have visited, staff not even batting an eye when patrons mention “two adults and two children”. This particular location has a large parking lot for the free-standing restaurant. An open, outdoor seating area with a wrap around patio, warm for summer nights and the addition of heat lamps for cooler winter evening. A large flat-screen television, which is always on, typical of Israel, is most often portraying fashion television and runways, rather than the typical American-style sports bar with the latest game being broadcast. Occasionally, an European travel montage of images in a slide-show like setting may be playing on the television. Dinner time (around seven), there should be seating available, but take-away orders are always welcome!

What I ordered: My sister and her family placed the orders for take-away, and always order the same: Angus hamburger from Entrecote, 250 grams (44NIS each) and two mini (child-friendly), Baby Agadir, topped with tomato and served with fries. The larger burgers were topped with lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle. Each order comes with sauces on the side: mayonnaise, BBQ sauce, ketchup, mustard and a ketchup-aoili for the fries.

What I loved: Since I had later dinner plans, I only enjoyed half of one of the mini burgers and some fries, but they were delicious! I would have been most content to stay home and enjoy the greasy, salty flavors of these burgers and fries. The meat tasted fresh and cooked to order. The mini buns a cute presentation, and the take-away packaging reusable and sutatinable.

Why I loved it: I most loved that the sauces come in a red, tin box and the entire meal packed in a red, reusable grocery bag. The food is good, quick and very child-friendly!

Cost: Average (40NIS-60NIS per burger)

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