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(No website found at time of publishing) – Merkaz HaCarmel, Haifa, Israel

How I heard of this place:  Visiting Haifa over the years and making new friends as well as spending time catching up with old friends has given me a taste, literally, of many of the cafes and other treat establishments in the area. Leggenda first came to my attention nearly two years ago (just after they opened) during a walk-by as some friends and I made our way to dinner.

Type of cuisine: Frozen yogurt. Toppings. Simple.

Ambiance: Small, cozy, quaint. This little shop, floor-to-ceiling windows at the front and the length of one side, welcomes patrons into a space with limited seating (two tables, a handful of chairs and a faux-leather, baby blue cusioned bench in the back. Additional seating, plenty of it, is available outside, for customers wishing to spend their evevning enjoying their frozen treats in the chill of a Haifa spring evening, or to get away from the hustle and bustle inside. As patrons enter the doors on either of the windowed sides, immediately they are thrown into a line of others waiting to order. Choose your size (small, medium, large or, as I came to find after ordering, the kids size), choose one of their three flavors and then select your toppings. The space is bustling. People in and out, couples sharing a large cup with two spoons, feeding each other, and kids running back and forth through you and your party as you are trying to place your orders. It’s a cozy and intimate space, where everyone lacks personal space and no one complains about it.

What I ordered: I ordered a small (18 Israeli shekels, each) of the regular yogurt, frozen, topped with fresh sliced strawberries, Oreo cookie chunks, brownie pieces and milk & white chocolate-covered rice crisps. The offered a dark, milk or white chocolate sauce on top, which I accepted (the dark). Both of my dining companions also ordered small yogurts, sugar-free, with only fresh fruit and nut & seed toppings.

What I loved:  I love that the yogurt is real, no unnecessary sugar or flavorings added. The tang is present in each bite, despite the added sugar through the chocolate and other flavorings I selected. I love that the small is so large, it made for left-overs for my sister to enjoy later, too!

Why I loved it: I love that they have just three flavors: real yogurt, frozen; sugar-free yogurt, frozen; goat’s milk yogurt, frozen. Toppings included fresh fruit, nuts and seeds, some granola and limited chocolate options. The space is cozy and small and very baby blue, making for a happy and pleasant environment. The staff helpful and friendly and ready to assist the three foreigners.

Cost: Average ($10-$12 per dinner entree)

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