Auntie Anne’s Pretzels

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( – Newark, New Jersey

How I heard of this place: I am nearly positive that the first time I had ever seen (or remember having seen) an Auntie Anne’s was in my teen-age years at a local mall. This is only the second time I have had one of their pretzels; the first being a time in a mall in Bellevue, Washington just last year when I had a coupon for a free original pretzel from the Entertainment Book.

Type of cuisine: Pretzels, so to speak. “While an Auntie Anne’s Pretzel is shaped like a pretzel and called a pretzel, it is most definitely not just a pretzel. The fresh, sweet taste coupled with a light, bread-like texture offers individuals a “little reward.” Auntie Anne’s “little rewards” come in a variety of flavors. The core product lineup includes Original, Cinnamon Sugar, Almond, Pepperoni, Sour Cream and Onion, Garlic Pretzels, along with Stix and the Pretzel Dog. Auntie Anne’s most popular pretzel flavors are also available as bite-size pretzel pieces called, Pretzel Nuggets. To complement pretzel selections, the brand’s famous lemonade can be enjoyed in its signature version or as Lemonade Mixers in five bold fruity flavors. Whether consumers are shopping, traveling, or picking up a snack in between college classes, Auntie Anne’s portable products come with a “Pretzel Perfect Guarantee” which simply states, “We guarantee you’ll love your pretzel or we’ll replace it with one that you do.”. ”

Ambiance: The only times I have ever seen an Auntie Anne’s has been in shopping malls. This one, at the Newark Airport still resembled the booths and small store-fronts I have seen at malls. Decorated in blue and white, with hints of yellow, the small space usually hosts a display area for freshly made pretzels, and a window-ed counter area where patrons can watch the bakers make more! Mini ovens and toppings are set off at the side to sprinkle and place over the fluffy, fresh-baked dough in the shape of a golden pretzel.

What I ordered: I ordered the Original Pretzel, with salt ($3.20, including tax in Newark) and received a warm, soft pretzel in a grease-proofed baggie, with napkins.

What I loved: The sweet and salty flavor of the dough, the limited salt crystals and the warmth.

Why I loved it: The flavor and the walk to and from Auntie Anne’s was a great treat during my four-hour layover at the Newark International Airport! Quick and easy, with samples offered to entice…They worked!

Cost: Average ($3 for a snack/treat)

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