Metro 29 Diner

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( – Arlington, Virginia

How I heard of this place: I learned about it when doing a search for restaurants I might like to try in the greater Washington, DC area. The first place I checked was the Food Network site for Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives, figuring Guy Fieri would never lead us astray!

Type of cuisine: Welcome to Arlington ‘s favorite diner.  At Metro 29 Diner, we pride ourselves on providing our patrons with freshest, highest quality dishes available today.  Open till the wee hours in the morning and always ready to serve a good hardy breakfast, we are your spot for great Steaks, chops, salads, Italian specialties, and of course, desserts to die for.”

Ambiance: A large establishment, with parking at the rear, Mero 29 seems the perfect place for a large plate of cheap, greasy grub. Mirrored awnings outside and neon lights for night-time view-ability, the restaurant is surrounded by tinted windows, where patrons can look out onto Lee Highway from their booths. Laminate tables, faux-leather (plastic) booths and some chairs/tables are available for diners. A young man in shirt and tie welcomes us as we walk through the glass, double-doors; without having to Please Wait To Be Seated, for long. We are seated in a quiet restaurant, spacious and available for plenty of other diners. The early dinner (at 5:00 p.m.) probably explains it, but the only other occupied table in our section, the entire right side of the establishment, was one with a father and his two young children. A pastry case with a plethora of sliced cakes, eclairs, and other sweet bites greets patrons who enter, while the bar seating – the left and back – offers an array of muffins, croissants and other baked such baked fare to tempt diners.

What I ordered: The two of us dining here were quite hungry and started with an order of Buffalo Chicken Wings ($7.75), 10 deep fried pieces, steaming hot until the last bite! Next, I ordered the Jumbo Cheese Burger ($8.75), a 7-ounce burger served on a toasted bun with cole slaw and a quartered (lengthwise) pickle. I opted to make it a Deluxe ($1.00 more) to include French fries, onion rings, lettuce and tomato. My dining companion ordered a dinner off of the Wednesday specials: Broiled Ribeye ($20.95), topped with three onion rings, and served with sweet corn, mashed potatoes (sour cream & chives). The meal also came with a choice of soup or chowder, of which my dining companion ordered a cup of clam chowder, and a choice of salad: Caesar ($1.50 extra). A generous side of crispy bacon ($3.75) rounded out the meal.

What I loved: The fries were delightful, puffy inside and crisp outside, hot and unsalted. The two slices of cheddar cheese (one on each side of the toasted bun) was a great addition to the fresh flavor of grilled beef.

Why I loved it: The service was quick and the food plentiful.

Cost: High ($9 – $25 per dinner entrees, including burgers and sandwiches to ribeye steak and potatoes)

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