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(honeybearbakery.com) – Lake Forest Park

How I heard of this place: I had first heard of the Honey Bear Bakery when visiting Third Place Books in Ravenna (Seattle). When the establishment closed and opened Vios in its stead, I had already heard rumors of a large Third Place Books, and hence, Honey Bear, in Lake Forest Park. Not until I was driving around the lake towards Bothell did I actually come to see it. But the first opportunity I have had to check out the interiors was on this occasion with my friend Pasha, over coffee. 

Type of cuisine: A cafe offering not only the typical espresso beverages (Victrola Coffee), pastries and desserts, but also a full breakfast and lunch menu! Scrambles, pancakes, granola, croissant-wiches, bagels and sides to your hearts content: including bacon, toast, seasonal fruit, eggs, and a side of potatoes. For lunch, patrons are invited to choose from another robust menu of salads, sandwiches, pot pies, quiche and…no menu is complete without it: mac n’ cheese!

Ambiance: A large and spacious interior, the doors open up into the floor of an immense bookstore. New and used books from all genres can be found immediately and throughout the expanse of the space. To your left is where you find Honey Bear. At first glance, it seems small and quaint, but walk around the bookshelves to find that the dining area makes up about one third of the entire area. A life-sized, carved wooden bear sculpture finds himself amidst wooden tables and chairs of all sizes and shapes. Large tables, perfect for meetings, gatherings with many friends and space for working or studying; find their way from the windows at the front, beyond the cafe bar and into the back of the store, where food-court-style seating is available aplenty! The smells of bacon and seasoned potatoes, fruit scones and sweet treats of all kinds waft over you as you enter the doors of Third Place Books, and no patron seems to be able to leave without ordering something. Walking by the pastry case, diners have a hard time not ordering a pastry to accompany their beverages of choice. Friendly staff offer suggestions and a smile and help to make the experience one which you would be likely to share again. 

What I ordered: I ordered a 12-ounce, nonfat, single ristretto mocha, with a touch of extra chocolate. My dining companion ordered a cup of drip coffee (with unlimited refills) and the only gluten-free pastry at Honey Bear, the chocolate-dipped macaroon.  

What I loved: The hint of extra sweetness in the mocha, among the creamy and frothy steamed milk felt so smooth and warm. The macaroon, on the harder side, took a moment to split in half, but the toasted coconut combined with the dark chocolate led to great flavor and a texture ideal for dipping into your cuppa joe!

Why I loved it: The space is open, expansive and still feels like a neighborhood coffee shop, ideal for all ages! The pastries in the case looked well worth sampling on return visits. And the bustling of people in a relatively quiet space brings a smile to ones face.

Cost: Average ($3-$5 per espresso beverage)

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