Sunflour Bakery Cafe

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How I heard of this place: My friend Seema first introduced me to the brunch up the road when we were considering a place to meet and catch up over a bite to eat.

Type of cuisine: Homestyle breakfast and lunch in a casual setting. The flavors of home, without undue salt or grease, but all of the goodness and comfort of grandma’s kitchen.

Ambiance: Walking in to the house-turned-restaurant, one is welcomed into a large lobby, pastry case with fresh baked items at the ready and friendly staff ready to greet and seat you. A bench for patrons waiting to be seated can be found at the windows along the front of the establishment, which take you to the back room, and cafe seating at wooden chairs and tables reminiscent of grandma & grandpa’s dining room. The mustard-colored walls are accented with green trim, a fireplace roaring to create a true feeling of a family living room. Carpeted floors and local artists work (silkscreens, today), home-made curtains in eclectic, but matching fabric and antique ornaments on the fireplace; what more does it take to create a truly neighborhood feel?

What I ordered: My dining companion and I were pleased to find a nearly empty establishment, with only three other tables being used when we entered the premises. On most weekends and times that I have walked past the windows of Sunflour, the space is bustling and busy with people of all ages and demographics. On this occasion, there were new items on the menu, one of which I had to sample: smoked salmon and avocado benedict ($11.95), with poached eggs over smoked salmon and fresh-cut avocado slices, topped with Hollandaise and served with seasoned skillet potatoes. My dining companion wanted to try something new and went for Joe’s Special ($9.25), ground beef, green onions, mushrooms, spinach and garlic scrambled with three eggs and topped with Parmesan cheese, served with seasoned potatoes, two slices of buttered toast and an order of bacon ($2 for four strips). A tall glass of freshly squeezed orange juice ($3) helped to wash it all down.

What I loved: My favorite thing, no surprise to friends who dine with me regularly, was the fresh, perfectly ripe avocado. The smoked salmon was delicious and the buttered toast amazing! The thickly sliced mushrooms and fresh, large leaves of spinach in the scramble, infested with garlicky goodness to a tee.

Why I loved it: I love the cozy atmosphere, the home-cooked dishes and the sweet, beautiful faces from the neighborhood.

Cost: Low to average ($6.95 – $11.95 per breakfast entree)

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