Turnpike Pizza

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(turnpikepizza.com) – Greenlake

How I heard of this place: Over the summer, my friend Samyar and I were chatting about work while sitting in the glorious sun at the lake, when we realized that we were hungry! A quick stroll up the road brought us to Turnpike Pizza, a newer addition to the Greenlake neighborhood.

Type of cuisine: New York style pizzas, thin crust, large (choices include 15-inch or 18-inch) and with gluten free options available!

Ambiance: Large interior set up with a bar-like quality. Floor-to-ceiling windows line the entire front and continue along the corner side of the establishment. Inside, dark, wooden tables and chairs are found throughout the empty restaurant. A walk-up, order counter opens up to a wood fire grill, where each of the delicious pies is baked. On my first visit, I tried a slice of pepperoni pizza from the available pizzas behind the glass. Diners can partake of fountain beverages to the right of the ordering counter (the cost includes free refills). A wide-screen, wall-mounted television is displayed for patrons to view the game(football, at this occasion), and posters and signage abound for beer options to complement the pizza and sports viewing.

What I ordered: On this visit, my dining companion selected an 18-inch Mojave ($21.25). An oil-based pizza with chicken, bell peppers, hot peppers and red onion. Each of us also ordered a fountain drink ($1.95 each). Our plates and eating utensils were brought to our table on a stand, which was then used for the huge pizza, to leave room on the table underneath for our food, as well as containers of red pepper flakes, Parmesan cheese, and oregano!

What I loved: I love the thin-crust pizzas, well-covered with cheese and the slightly spicy hot peppers on the pizza. The chicken was slightly dry, but the delicious cheese and light oil-based (rather than tomato sauce) pizza made up for it!

Why I loved it: The food is delicious, the space conveniently located and the options (for a slice or an entire pie) excellent! The food satisfies; even though two of us ate an entire 18-inch pie, it could have easily served three or four people, and satiated everyone.

Cost: Average to high ($15 – $22 per pizza; slices and specials not included in this cost)

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