Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant

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(No website currently available) – Central District
How I heard of this place: Even while dining at Lalibela, I had a hard time remembering the very first time I was introduced to it. It must have been at least seven or eight years ago and was likely in celebration of a birthday. On this visit, it was requested by a friend visiting Seattle after having moved to Hong Kong nearly two years ago.
Type of cuisine: Ethiopian. Simple ingredients with complex and flavors! Comfort food with African flair.
Ambiance: Large interior space with table and chair settings as well as woven stools and tables for more of an ethnic experience. Dark furnishings, a small stage and sparse decor on the walls. Relatively quiet for its size. Restrooms for men and women are on opposite sides of the establishment; the men’s closer to the secluded, somewhat hidden, small bar.
What I ordered: Our Ethiopian dining companion did the ordering – to determine what was good that day and give us a variety of options. First we ordered the vegetarian combo, presented on a large serving dish over injera were a variety of vegetarian options, including sauteed kale, three preparations of lentils, a lettuce and tomato salad with a light lemon dressing, sauteed cabbage with carrots, and green beans and carrots in a tomato sauce. We also needed meat, so we ordered a meat combo with durowat, ferfer, tef and other delicacies, served similarly, with vegetables and beans interspersed throughout. Baskets of injera continued to grace our table, and we enjoyed every bite of each dish, including the white cheese (similar consistency to feta, but with less flavor) and mitmita.
What I loved: The ferfer was probably my favorite on this visit. Delicious bite-sized chunks of beef sauteed with injera and peppers. The selection of lentil dishes is always a spicy favorite!
Why I loved it: It is often recommended by my Ethiopian friends as one of the best (if not the best in Seattle. We were seated immediately, the food came out in stages, which made it fun for sampling, and vegetarian, as well as gluten-free options abound.
Cost: Average to high ($15 per person – lunch – for our group of eight dining on these communal dishes)

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