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( – Green Lake
How I heard of this place: Wow. If anyone can remember where and when they first heard of Subway, post a comment below. I sure am at a loss for when I first walked into a Subway franchise.
Type of cuisine: Fast, healthy food by way of easy-to-prepare sandwiches, made to order – right in front of the customer – using freshly baked breads, select sauces and a variety of fresh, delicious toppings.
Ambiance: I have to admit I have not yet entered this Subway location, rather the food was hand-delivered to me. But from my limited experience at other Subway’s, I imagine it is mostly yellow and brown in decor, with plastic and laminate, limited seating and an order counter with the toppings for each sandwich in plain view behind the plexi-glass window panel.
What I ordered: I was pleasantly surprised by my friend, who was picking me up after my run around the lake, so that we could help some friends with their move. He met me at the lake and offered me a 1/2 sub on whole wheat bread, with egg whites, pepperjack cheese and green bell peppers. And a bottle of Dasani water with which to wash it all down.
What I loved: I loved the spicy pepperjack cheese and simplicity of the sandwich, perfectly satisfying and a healthy meal to start off my day after a three-mile run around the lake.
Why I loved it: The delightful surprise, hand-delivered in the warmth of a heated car, by a good friend = priceless.
Cost: Beats me. Presumably low to average.

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