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( – University District/Capitol Hill/Queen Anne

Than Bros Capitol Hill Wall Art

How I heard of this place: Before moving to Seattle, over eight years ago, I had never heard of a dish called pho, let alone knew that hundreds of pho establishments existed in the area. My friend Sadiq first introduced me to the the glorious, warm and surprisingly satisfying dish soon after my arrival and settling down in the University District. The complimentary Banh Choux a la cream or custard puffs, to start have kept me coming back, year after year, to one of their numerous Seattle locations.

Than Bros Capitol Hill

Type of cuisine: Pho, Vietnamese soup.

Ambiance: Warm inside the fluorescent light lit square seating area, the windows steamy and packed, Than Bros in the U-District is where it’s at when it comes to pho. One large table in the middle of the restaurant for large parties or lone diners, booths on both sides next to mirrors that line two walls and a small kitchen in the back make up the entire space. Green metal chairs with squishy, faux leather cushions are placed next to tables with white linen, and menus and newspaper articles topped with glass.

Than Bros Capitol Hill Dining

What I ordered: While it used to be the small Chicken Pho, which is still a favorite of many of my friends,

Than Bros Capitol Hill Chicken Pho

my staple: a small vegetarian pho ($4.95; $5.45 as of October 2014), which is served with rice noodles, tofu and mushrooms.

Than Bros Capitol Hill Veggie Pho

As with every pho dish ordered, a plate of lime wedges, sprouts, Thai basil and jalapenos is offered to enhance and personalize your meal. There were nine of us dining at Than Bros for this birthday celebration and I only happened to catch what the dining companion to my left ordered (also a veggie pho).

Than Bros Capitol Hill Sides

What I loved: The food is served quickly, hot and ready to eat! The ease and simplicity of the meal is perfect and the flavors, as you add Sriracha, a Thai hot sauce (also known as rooster sauce), plum sauce, or sweet chili sauce. And cream puffs! Cream. Puffs.

Than Bros Capitol Hill Cream Puffs

Why I loved it: The service is quick, when you are able to be seated, the establishment is always bustling, full and busy, but the food served and enjoyed so quickly that you are seated without a long wait.

Than Bros Capitol Hill Register

Cost: Low ($4.95-$6.95 for small to x-large sized bowls of pho)

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