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( – Northgate
How I heard of this place: I think my first taste of Red Robin was when it opened in Bellingham while I was in junior high school. A friend wanted to celebrate her birthday there, so our large party joined her in celebration.
Type of cuisine: Burgers and fries to start…Now patrons can also enjoy salads, sandwiches and even pasta.
Ambiance: Bright, cluttered and full of random artwork, from photographs of James Dean to cats, the Red Robin mascot, to Nagel prints. Booths and table-chair seating are available for diners wishing to enjoy their meals. The space is loud with music, children and the bustling of the diners. Serving staff is friendly, bubbly and very customer-service friendly.
What I ordered: Four of us specifically made our way to Northgate to enjoy the Nacho Ordinary Chili Nachos ($8.99), crisp tortilla chips topped with cheddar & pepper-jack cheeses, Red’s Homemade Chili Chili (one plate included the chili, the other: extra sour cream), diced onions, diced tomatoes, fresh cilantro and jalapeños. Served with sour cream and our freshly prepared guacamole. One dining companion and I arrived early and enjoyed our plate of nachos before the second pair arrived. By then, it was time to order more food, so in addition to my dining companion’s bottomless Barq’s root beer ($2.39), he ordered a bottomless root beer float ($2.99) for the largest mug of soft ice cream you have laid your eyes upon and a large glass of root beer on the side, a straw that barely protruded beyond the rim of the tall, glass mug, and a Whiskey River BBQ Burger ($9.29). Don’t be afraid to get a little saucy boasts the menu, for the burger basted with Red Robin’s signature Whiskey River® BBQ Sauce and lassoed together with cheddar cheese, crispy onion straws, lettuce, fresh tomatoes & mayo. A side of bottomless fries and ranch dressing were provided by our Bellingham-transferred server, Thomas, for me to enjoy. Our dining companions, in addition to their chili nachos, ordered a bottomless Very Berry Raspberry Limeade ($3.99), a sweet raspberry limeade is the result of combining raspberry and lime fruit flavors, Sprite® and a fresh lime wedge. A wholesome, refreshing, well-deserved treat!
What I loved: I love the endless fries! The bottomless root beer float would be a great treat on a warm day, or as a meal, if you were not already completely satisfied with half order of nachos and a burger with fries.
Why I loved it: Quick, simple, and free for your birthday!
Cost: Average ($8-$10 per burger with bottomless fries)

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