Garlic Crush

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( – Bellevue
How I heard of this place: I had seen the coupon in the Entertainment book as I would skim through in search of other establishments, but never thought to use it. Until it was recommended by Jerome for a good friends last good-bye dinner.
Type of cuisine: The establishment offers a variety of simple, traditional Mediterranean and authentic Middle Eastern flavors.
Ambiance: A conveniently located spot for a quick lunch or a casual dinner, the restaurant is small and reminiscent of fast food establishments. The small window-front leads in to a long, rectangular space, booth seating along the wall, with tables and chairs ahead of it. Order at the counter, as you enter, the menu on the wall for you to peruse as you wait in line. The yellow walls and the dark-wood seating are set under fluorescent lights, giving the place a more fast-food feel and less of a restaurant-feel.
What I ordered: To start, the four of us dining at Garlic Crush enjoyed a cup of lentil soup, creamy and thick, tasting of fresh lemon juice! The soup (or a salad) are offered alongside any of the dinner plates. One dining companion and I chose two and decided to share. Those included the beef kebab plate ($9.49) with marinated cubes of beef tenderloin charbroiled, served with rice, grilled onions, red peppers and hummus, and the meat combo plate ($9.69) normally served with chicken kebab, grilled lamb and kefta, served with hummus and garlic paste. They had run out of lamb, so we opted for more of the beef kebab. Another of our dining companions selected the GC shawarma (halal) ($9.29), which included thin slices of chicken shaved off of the grill and served with rice, hummus, garlic paste, and grilled onions. The last of our dining companions ordered the veggie mezza plate ($8.99) which included two falafel, stuffed grape leaves, hummus, baba ghannouj and tabboule salad. All of our entrees came with a large, thin pita.
What I loved: I really loved the lemony, creamy, warm lentil soup to start us off on this cold evening. The marinated cubes of beef kebab were my favorite of the three options in the meat combo on this evening. The chicken was wonderfully marinated and prepared over the grill, tender and flavorful. The garlic paste added great pungency to each bite and was offered in plenty at the side of our dishes.
Why I loved it: I loved the easy simplicity of the establishment, the friendly staff and the freshness of the food. The delicious smell of garlic and grilled tastiness upon entry and the ability to sit for three hours over a meal with friends.
Cost: Low ($6-$10 per dinner-sized entree)

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