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( – Aurora Avenue North
How I heard of this place: In 2002, when I first moved to Seattle, my friend Sadiq brought me and another friend to Beth’s as a typical late-night hang-out spot.
Type of cuisine: Diner fare. Simple. Salty. Greasy. Large portions.
Ambiance: Diner from the 1980s, complete with a mini arcade, pinball and all. A small bar is available at the griddle, booth seating surrounds the rest of the large space and parties of eight or ten can be accommodated by pulling other tables and chairs to the side. The space has music playing in the background, loud enough to recognize the song, but soft enough not to distract from table conversations. The walls are completely covered in white paper and crayon drawings, made by customers waiting for meals, enjoying a cup of hot chocolate and everyone in between! Conversations are easy, no questions asked when larger parties sing “Happy birthday” to a friend, burst out with laughter, or make a comment that others at neighboring tables can overhear. A place for friends to gather after a meeting, after high school prom, after a movie or, really, for any reason.
What I ordered: Three of us needed food after a going-away party that lasted over six hours, and Beth’s always hits the spot after midnight partying with good friends. I selected one of Beth’s mini breakfasts ($6.15) which included two strips of thick-cut, crispy bacon, one egg (over easy) and a buttered English muffin served over a healthy portion of hash browns. The dining companion to my right ordered the breakfast burrito ($9.95); a whole wheat tortilla stuffed with eggs, hash browns, diced tomatoes, ham, jalapenos and cheese, served with a healthy mound of hash browns. A side of onion rings ($3) was also ordered to enjoy on this midnight-snack-outing. The dining companion seated across from us selected the chicken fried steak ($9.95) served over a mound of all-you-can-eat hash browns, and doused with thick, creamy gravy. He also ordered a side of bacon (four strips) and a side of sausage (four links) to accompany the meal.
What I loved: I love that they offer late-night menus throughout the evening, which allows for people like us to settle any breakfast cravings we have…even after midnight! On this trip to Beth’s, I was most pleased with the hash browns and the bacon! Was I less exhausted when we left after two o’clock in the morning, it would have been nice to sit long enough to clear my plate! I love that you can sit for hours and enjoy great conversations, laughter, food, and more laughs.
Why I loved it: It’s open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and breakfast is served all day! You know exactly what you’re going to get at an all-night diner like Beth’s. As an added bonus, you can color with crayons and tape your pictures to the wall for everyone to see…or simply sit back and enjoy the comments, artwork, and hilarity of others!
Cost: Low to mid ($4-$17)

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