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(No website found at time of publishing) – Eastlake
How I heard of this place: I have driven past it a few times, but only went in after my friend Ami suggested it as a nice place to sit and chat over a cup of coffee.
Type of cuisine: Coffee shop with cafe fare – muffins, cookies, pastries – espresso beverages and wine! One of the latest in cafe-wine bars around the city.
Ambiance: Very 1960s kitchen-esque. The space feels open and large, with tall ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows that make up half of the wall space. The window-walls open up in the summer or when the weather is warm to create an indoor-outdoor feel. Comfortable, cushioned bench-seating wraps around three sides of the room, along the window and one wall, with tables adjacent. More tables and chairs, reminiscent of elementary school desk chairs from the 1980s in puce can be found throughout the establishment. An orange couch, thin rectangular coffee table just in front and end tables with large lamps in browns, oranges, and yellows are found at the wall end directly facing the cafe and the street. Wooden shelves and artwork, in laminate colors and black cover the pale yellow walls. Four cylindrical light fixtures are hanging from the ceiling. The counter and bussing area are streamlined and simple, the font of the menu on the wall behind the baristas is a dirty off-white or even yellowed color, the book selection displayed and the record player circa 1950s in the shelving units create a comfortable, home environment and easy space to spend time studying, reading, or catching up with a friend.
What I ordered: On this visit, I enjoyed an eight-ounce hot chocolate ($2.50) with a lightly vanilla hinted whipped cream and a Macrina peanut butter cookie ($2). My dining companion enjoyed a 12-ounce hot chocolate ($3) and a Macrina chocolate chip cookie ($2). When we were joined by our third friend, she selected a 16-ounce non-fat latte.
What I loved: The hot chocolate was delicious and cozy, a perfect treat for a dark, rainy, late afternoon.
Why I loved it: The venue is spacious and comfortable. The baristas kind and friendly. The beverages warm and perfectly suited to an afternoon spent catching up with a good friend.
Cost: Average ($2-$5 for espresso beverages)

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