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(No website found at time of publishing) – Belltown
How I heard of this place: My friend Vahid opened a Friday and Saturday night hot dog stand on the corner of Western and Blanchard at the north end of the block housing Twilight Martini Lounge.
Type of cuisine: Late-night hot dogs and sausages with all the fix-ins.
Ambiance: This late-night evening called for a visit with a friend and some attempts at selling the Seattle dogs to passerby in a diversity of Halloween attire, from Ali G to Michael Jackson (from “Thriller”) and every sexy female costume imaginable (from a sexy police officer, to a sexy Jetson, to a sexy nurse and sexy witch). Vahid gives patrons a choice between hot links, Polish dogs and all-beef dogs. The true Seattle dog is offered with cream cheese, grilled onions and toppings of your choice (mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, and hot sauces galore). Served on a street corner, in the rain, standing under the umbrella or building awnings, these made-to-order, grilled and served hot, dogs are presented in a piece of square wax paper with a napkin, keeping your hands and your throat warm!
What I ordered: We had a group of five of us, partaking of these delicious late-night snacks. Three of us ordered the hot links with all the fixin’s, and two orders for the Polish dogs, with all the accouterments.
What I loved: I loved the peppery flavor of the hot links and the creamy texture of the cream cheese, perfectly sweetened with julienned, grilled and caramelized onions. Not having sampled the Polish or all-beef dogs, I have yet to be able to attest to the taste and tambre of those, but heard rave reviews from my dining companions, Twilight security guards (bouncers) and other patrons.
Why I loved it: Vahid’s personable, friendly, teddy-bear aura bring warmth, laughter and delight to a wet Halloween, corner stand amidst drunken clubbers and lost tourists looking for the SeeSound Lounge.
Cost: Average ($5 for a Seattle dog with all the fixin’s)

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