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(eathomegrown.com) – Fremont
How I heard of this place: Jenna has been raving about Homegrown for a few months and has invited me to enjoy it more than once. Sadly – for me – I had not had the opportunity until today.
Type of cuisine: Local, organic and sustainable lunch foods – sandwiches, soups and salads (breakfast sandwiches also available from 8:00 – 11:00 a.m.). “Our goal at Homegrown is not only to create sandwiches out of sustainable ingredients but also to make sandwich creation sustainable itself. This goes beyond using fresh, sustainable ingredients in our gourmet sandwiches, salads and soups. Homegrown strives for sustainability as a local business through the green materials we print and serve on, to our rejection of bottled water, to our 100% compostable and recyclable product. We consider our environmental impact for every ingredient choice, often between two competing theories: eating organic and eating local. We take the best from both worlds to create our sustainable sandwiches. We like to call this sandwich environmentalism. Enjoy.”
Ambiance: The setting is very comfortable, feeling like a lunch place, earthy, simple with modern greenness. Two light-colored wooden four-to-six person tables sit to the right of the entry way, three matching two-person tables sit against the compost/recycle bussing area. One large bar-height table in the same birch wood color sits in the middle of the room equipped with seating for ten on tall, black, wooden backed chairs. One last square-shaped four-person table sat up against the floor-to-ceiling window at the front left of the entry way, shining light and warming the space with sunshine as diners enjoyed their meals. Four large (floor-to-ceiling) chalkboards along the entirety of the left wall promote sandwich options, seasonal offerings, combos and beverages. A walk-up order counter with a friendly, young server welcomes us to Homegrown and makes recommendations. He is chatty and smiling and ensures that my order is exactly the way I want it. He also asks for my name and repeats it back to me perfectly, pronounced better than I have ever heard any server attempt! Pastries and cookies are available in the display alongside the order counter. Casual and friendly, easy and quick, fresh and tasty! This place is a winner and one which can be frequented on a lunch break from work, eating out with a friend or two, a simple and delicious family lunch, or even a casual date spot to pick up take-out before a walk through the shops of Fremont or making your way to Golden Gardens or Alki!
What I ordered: Of the three of us eating here on this sunny, crisp fall morning, I was the only one who had not yet discovered Homegrown. The other two frequent the establishment and have been recommending it for months! When I walked up to the door and glanced at the large chalkboard outside leaning up against the building frame, I noticed “bacon potato leek soup” and was sold! Walking in, the large menus immediately grabbed my attention – precise penmanship, large font for an easy read and vintage white chalk on black boards with the homegrown logo drawn in. Knowing that I was going to order the bacon potato leek soup, I opted for a combo-able sandwich: turkey, bacon, avocado ($8 for the meal) made with Zoe’s turkey + bacon, avocado, gouda, mixed greens, tomato + gouda served hot on toasted country french (or wholegrain bread). One of my dining companions ordered the soup and salad combo ($8) with the bacon potato leek soup and a beet salad which consisted of a compostable bowl full of shaved fennel, arugula and goat cheese tossed with a lavender vinaigrette. The third in our party ordered a soup and salad combo ($9.95) with the beet salad served alongside the roast pork sandwich made with Stumptown coffee + cayenne rubbed pork loin, pickled red onion, apple butter, mixed greens + sage aioli, served cold on toasted french or wholegrain bread. She also ordered a rhubarb Dry Soda ($3) to wash down the goodness of Homegrown.
What I loved: While each of us ordered our own combination plates, none of us sampled the others dishes! So, what I loved on my tray was the sandwich! The fresh avocado and creamy garlic aioli helped to give more juicy tenderness to the thickly sliced turkey breast. The crispy bacon gave increased flavor and punch to the softness of the rest of the ingredients. The warm, buttered bread, grilled without burning the toast perfectly sandwiched the entire dish!
Why I loved it: The space is very inviting and feels homegrown. The staff very friendly and the food fresh and flavorful.
Cost: Average ($6-$10 for a full sandwich or combo lunches)

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