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(No website found at time of publishing) – Fremont
How I heard of this place: I first heard about RoRo through the Entertainment book, but was hesitant to try it until it came highly recommended by Jenna as a great, local BBQ joint.
Type of cuisine: BBQ dishes galore – from pulled pork and pulled chicken sandwiches, beef and pork ribs and all of the sides you can dream of: from mac ‘n cheese to wedge fries and sweet potato fries, from jalapeno garlic mashed potatoes to creamed corn. A limited menu makes it easy to find something without too much delay.
Ambiance: The establishment is small and straight out of the 1970s. Elvis was playing on the stereo as the television showed “cartoons that time forgot”. Each of the five wooden tables and accompanying chairs as well as the small bar at the counter and at the front along the window came complete with six different sauces (Rob’s sauce, sweet & spicy, ketchup, spicy, etc.), honey, salt and pepper. The establishment quickly filled up as the six o’clock dinner hour approached. Trinkets and red accent decorated the small space as happy patrons chowed down.
What I ordered: My dining companion ordered a bottle of Boylan’s Root Beer and the Big Ol’ Beef Ribs ($14.95) with his choice of two sides: jalapeno garlic mashers and mac ‘n cheese. I asked for the server’s favorite and she highly recommended the tri-tip sandwich ($9.95) with a side of seasoned wedge-cut fries.
What I loved: I loved the fries most! Crispy and full of flavor, freshly fried and hot enough to burn your tongue. I also enjoyed the simplicity of the tri-tip sandwich with only slices of beef, red onion and a horseradish mayo. This was my first taste of beef ribs and I enjoyed the fact that the meat so effortlessly fell off the bone. My dining companion most enjoyed the mashers.
Why I loved it: We arrived early enough to find seating near an open window, allowing for the cool, crisp air to permeate the room. I loved the limited menu options for ease of decision-making as well as the opportunity to sample more than one side. The server was friendly, helpful and welcoming.
Cost: Average ($10-$15 for dinner-sized entrees)

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