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(central-cinema.com) – Central District
How I heard of this place: I first heard about the Central Cinema through my friend Sadiq years ago. It wasn’t until earlier this year when Tahirih got me there! It has quickly become one of my favorite theaters in Seattle.
Type of cuisine: Fancy cinema fare, including salads, sandwiches, sweet potato fries, popcorn, pizza and even blood orange Italian sodas.
Ambiance: Small and cozy, with two or four-person benches that each include a barquette. Additional seating towards the back of the cinema includes school chairs with built-in desks. Dark, just like a theater, with more space between rows and much more comfortable with food orders!
What I ordered: I usually refrain from ordering anything at Central Cinema because I’m often too full or dancing too much! There were eleven of us enjoying “The Princess Bride” and each ordered something. While unable to keep track (or even see or hear what others ordered), I did sample a few items from the friends around me! One friend and I split the Cinema Burger ($9.50) and added Tillamook cheddar cheese ($1). The burger included a Painted Hills grass fed beef patty with butter lettuce, tomato, red onion, and a quartered pickle served on a traditional bun. It was served with sweet potato fries, garlic chive aioli and ketchup. The friend to my right ordered a huckleberry Italian soda ($2.75), one bowl of buttered popcorn ($3) and a second bowl of cinnamon-sugar popcorn ($3). I sampled the two popcorn selections.
What I loved: I loved the buttered popcorn best of all things sampled on this visit to the Cinema. The burger was nice, small and very simple. The sweet potato fries I could have done without (soft, soggy). The popcorn, however, is always light and served with real butter!
Why I loved it: I always love Central Cinema. Everything from the small restaurant area in the front, to the friendly staff, to the hilarious emcees that come in for specialty and themed nights. The food while you watch the movie is an added bonus!
Cost: Average for a movie theater ($8-$10 for a meal) but much fancier, better materials, and so much nicer when served on a plate, water in a glass and real utensils

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