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( – University Village
How I heard of this place: I first heard of Boom Noodle through Groupon or Living Social Deals. My friend Tahirih had also recommended it as a tasty Asian-fusion establishment to try in Capital Hill. I discovered this one, at the U-Village a couple of months ago, walking by.
Type of cuisine: Asian-fusion. “In Japan today there is a popular term, “my boom” that means, “The thing I am currently obsessed with. According to their website, Boom Noodle was created because ”our “my boom” is not only Japanese cuisine, but noodles and flavors from all over Asia. We believe Asian food is best enjoyed the minute it is ready so we aim to get your food to your table as soon as possible. We’re always creating new items for future menu updates. Have a favorite Asian dish you would like us to try sometime?”
Ambiance: Spacious interior with sleek, modern design. Dark wood is accented by light green and white throughout the space. Booth and table-chair seating available in the bustling and packed venue. The restaurant is conducive to hosting small or large parties. The casual atmosphere is perfect for a lunch or dinner break from shopping adventures at the University Village or as a happy hour spot in business-casual attire. Children would be easily welcome, as the speaking and work volume are relatively higher.
What I ordered: Between the three of us dining at Boom Noodle for lunch, we had one fresh fruit juice order: the Pike Street pear ($4.25) with seasonal pear, fuji apple, ginger, vanilla essence. For starters, we ordered two small plates. The first, pork gyoza ($5.95): pan crisped dumplings with boom garlic sauce and the second, five-spice pork buns ($7.50): aromatic braised pork with steamed buns and ginger cherry plum sauce. For our lunches, the yakisoba sounded best to me, and the server recommended the vegetarian over the beef yakisoba. So I went with it. The large portion of yasai yakisoba ($8.95) came with fried tofu, egg noodles, mushrooms, cabbage, baby corn, bean sprouts and serrano peppers. One dining companion ordered the spicy beef udon ($10.50) which included wok-seared beef with fresh mushrooms, bean sprouts and bamboo shoots in a chicken-pork broth. My second dining companion felt drawn to the spicy garlic beef ($9.95): marinated beef with green beans, shiitake mushrooms, onions, chilies and sweet egg, served over steamed rice.
What I loved: Of all of the dishes brought to our table, the best-tasting were the pork gyoza. The garlic sauce made them especially delicious and the pan-seared quality gave them a slight crispy texture. Should I return to the establishment, I will be sure to order the Pike Street pear fruit juice, as well! Creamy and light with a hint of sweetness.
Why I loved it: The location is perfect for a day out shopping with friends and the meals large enough to make them easy to share. Next time, I think two meals shared between three people is sufficient!
Cost: Average ($6.95-$11.50 for large lunch entrees)

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