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( – Ballard
How I heard of this place: I found out about Senor Moose from my friends Marc and Ami, who suggested it for lunch. I have since recommended it to numerous people, heard rave reviews from countless others and have been dying to go back since. This was my chance.
Type of cuisine: An entirely gluten-free menu specializing in Mexican Mexican food. Simple Oaxacan (Central Mexican) cuisine prepared with creativity and tons of flavor from local ingredients!
Ambiance: A kitschy decor with pink-hued walls and bright art, evoking the vibrancy of Mexico! Inside, one will find a bar that wraps around part of the kitchen, and a small room of dark wooden chairs and tables. The chairs are weave-backed camel-colored leather with bronze studs. Brightly colored flowers adorn plastic tablecloths throughout the room. Mexican-style trinkets are lined along the wall on a shelf, while local artists paintings can be found along the walls. The space is always bustling, at brunch, lunch and dinner times.
What I ordered: On this trip, I ordered the Alambres (Oaxaca $15.95). A dish with shredded beef, chorizo, bacon, green bell pepper, and poblano chile grilled together and topped with cheese, served with refried beans. A second choice that the four of us agreed had to be sampled was the Filete Enchocolatado (Oaxaca $15.95), where strips of skirt steak are sautéed and finished with bitter chocolate, white wine and onion, and served with mashed potatoes and calabacitas guisadas. Our third dining companion ordered the Enchiladas de Puya ($11.95). Three tortillas were presented, rolled around two cheeses, doused with spicy chile de puya salsa, topped with a pool of cream and served with black beans. She also ordered a side of mashed sweet potatoes. Our final dining companion ordered the Mole Colordito de Tututepec Vegetariana (Oaxaca $12.95) prepared with potatoes, zucchini, tomatoes, carrots, and mushrooms covered in a mole of 25 ingredients and served with mashed sweet potatoes and salad. Our table also enjoyed two iced teas, one lemonade, and one horchata.
What I loved: My favorite thing of the four items sampled was my own, the Alambres. Of course, the same was said by each other diner at the table, everyone preferring his or her own to any other. Every bite of the salty and crispy bacon with the gooey cheese and soft, shredded beef went down smoothly! The horchata was sweet and rich without being gritty or overly creamy.
Why I loved it: The food is consistently good! You always win at Senor Moose (Cafe Moose). The only down-side to this visit was finding out that the chilaquiles are only served at lunch.
Cost: Low to average ($12-$16 for a healthy-sized dinner entree)

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