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( – Ballard
How I heard of this place: Through my friend and avid coffee connoisseur, Jenelle. After enjoying our meal at Senor Moose, it was suggested that we go for a walk and partake of some delicious coffee. Aster had been on Jenelle’s list of coffee shops to try.
Type of cuisine: Sandwiches are served, but it seems that the draw is coffee, beer and wine. One of the first coffee and wine bars in the city, it seems to already have a following. The cafe boasts a Clover machine and Intelligentsia coffee.
Ambiance: Warm and cozy, with bar seating – both at the window and at the coffee bar, soft leather cushioned wooden chairs around coffee tables, as well as tables with upright chairs for focused patrons. Aster offers “a nice lounge atmosphere which is perfect whether you’re looking to read the paper with your morning coffee or wind down with a pal at night over a bottle of wine. Soothing colors, and a spacious atmosphere provide a nice spot to hammer away on your laptop or hang out in a vintage lounge chair and chat with a friend, or just enjoy your book”. Quiet guests, relaxed mood, no fuss or commotion and great background music make it a perfect spot.
What I ordered: I ordered an eight ounce non-fat hot cocoa ($2.10) made with house-made dark chocolate and a Magic Bar ($2.50). The Magic Bar was similar to a Zoka bar, but about half the width, and made up of toasted coconut and bittersweet chocolate chips held together by caramelized sugar and other such ingredients. One dining companion ordered a twelve ounce hot cocoa. Another opted for a twelve ounce latte and my third dining companion went for the fresh brewed Clover Ethiopia Michelle (by Stumptown Coffee Roasters).
What I loved: Well, the Magic Bar was a perfect, sweet treat to end the evening! The hot cocoa was slightly bitter rather than sweet, which made it go down easily and very smoothly at that time of the evening. The coffee, being my first sample of fresh Clover brewed coffee was sweet and robust without having added any milk or sugar. I was highly impressed.
Why I loved it: The space is very inviting, large and open. The place knows its coffee but lacks the pretentious air.
Cost: Average ($2-$4 for a cuppa joe)

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