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( – Shoreline
How I heard of this place: It was back in high school when I first met Shari’s, on a late-night, post-game outing with friends.
Type of cuisine: Diner food. Like Denny’s. Order from a variety of breakfasts (served all day), lunches, dinners or uber-sweet pies!
Ambiance: Casual setting which allows for a certain level of loitering. Sit for hours over a cup of coffee with friends, or enjoy a quick breakfast on a road trip. Booth seating abounds at this location, with plenty to boot.
What I ordered: On this trip, we had one order of a chocolate shake, shared between two. Two cups of hot chocolate, topped with a generous helping of whipped cream (one free refill!) and two desserts: Peach Perfection: peaches baked to perfection in a sweet and flaky pie crust and enjoyed with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and a Chocolate Lava Cake: rich chocolate cake erupting with double chocolate, served with a side of vanilla ice cream and topped with whipped cream – so much that you can hardly see what lies beneath.
What I loved: The hot cocoa tasted best and kept me and my hands warm over conversation, laughter, jokes and sharing of memories. Of the two desserts, the lava cake covered in chocolate fudge sauce won.
Why I loved it: The company most of all. I also enjoy the fact that the place is open late, the flavors are consistent and that one can enjoy a free refill of hot cocoa!
Cost: Low to average

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