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(tomdouglas.com/dahlia-lounge) – Downtown
How I heard of this place: It’s one of the many Tom Douglas restaurants. That being said, the private dining room was brought to my attention by the hostess at Lola when I was searching for a venue for my friends’ post-wedding brunch for family and of town guests.
Type of cuisine: Northwest flair on traditional brunch comfort foods.
Ambiance: The restaurant itself is very large with plenty of window seating and a large bar/kitchen space in plain site. That being said, I spent no time in the restaurant space on this dining experience. Upon entering, we were escorted beyond the curtained entrance directly to the private dining room set up for our party of 16. The large room can comfortably seat 70 for a meal, or (as in our case) can be walled/curtained off for one smaller party of about 20-25 and a larger party on the opposite side of about 50 guests. Tables were set, with a daily special classic boarding house brunch menu available at each table setting. Orange juice and water were available for guests to serve themselves or ready to be served by the friendly and present wait-staff.
What I ordered: The brunch was served family-style, with each dish being presented to each table side as it was prepared. We started with buttermilk biscuits, butter and house-made strawberry preserves. That was followed by house-made brown sugar sausage patties, fresh corn cheesy grits and a seasonal fruit bowl of cherries, blueberries, raspberries and thinly sliced watermelon. Cinnamon orange French toast with pure maple syrup and apricot preserves were brought to our tables just before the last menu item arrived. That tasty treat at the end was the soft scrambled Steibr’s farm eggs with Beecher’s cheddar cheese and tender herbs. Starbucks coffee, cream, sugar as well as Barnes & Watson teas were also served to those wishing to partake.
What I loved: The scrambled eggs with Beecher’s cheese was my favorite item on the brunch fare. The seasonal, fresh fruit of berries and crispy, juicy watermelon was a great way to start the day!
Why I loved it: The server was very friendly and the space was open to us to linger for hours as we enjoyed our food, each others company and the never ending supply of coffee, tea and orange juice.
Cost: While I was again hidden from the total cost of the meal(s), I was pleased to find that the Dahlia Lounge does not have a minimum charge, nor a holding fee for utilizing their private dining space! This was the perfect way to ensure that those who could participate in the post-wedding brunch were invited to do so, and those who preferred to sleep in were allowed to skip it without feeling guilty!

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