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(No website found at time of publishing) – Mount Baker/Leschi
How I heard of this place: The Asress family opened their restaurant a few years ago and it wasn’t long before their loving demeanor and welcome embrace attracted numbers of us!
Type of cuisine: Italian, Mediterranean, Ethiopian
Ambiance: Bright and modern with rich, warm colors in deep browns, reds and yellows welcome you as you enter the spacious restaurant which includes an espresso bar! Perfect for casual dining with friends, dinner out with the family, and a relaxed, easy atmosphere for a date with your sweetie! Plenty of indoor seating and one outdoor option give you flexibility in your seating preferences.
What I ordered: Fana is such an amazing cook that I often leave my dining choice up to her very capable selection! Vahid, the son of Fana and Captain Asress, greeted us with a large smile as we approached the restaurant and welcomed us in. Sabrina, his sister, brought us ice water as we selected our seats near the large floor to ceiling windows that line the front of the restaurant. Fana prepared a large vegetarian platter for the two of us, beautifully presented on a large, white plate fully covered with injera. Each mound of vegetarian delicacies (including timatim fifit, lentils, collard geens, salad, and cabbage) lined the perimeter of the ingera, with the lentils carefully poured in the middle.
What I loved: My dining companion most loved the lentils and then the potato & carrot dish, followed by the injera salad and the cabbage & carrot dish. I have a very hard time deciding my favorite of the options on the vegetarian platter! Each bite of the various dishes lead me to believe that that one was the best! And as I would sample another dish or return to one of the previous dishes, I found that each bite continued to get better and more satisfying! I do admit, that I’m most happy to have saved room to eat the flat injera on the plate, saturated with the sauces of each dish!
Why I loved it: I love that the Asress family is so present, hospitable and warm. They welcome you with open arms, a loving smile and a delicious, home-cooked meal. Being at Fana’s cuisine feels like being with family.
Cost: Low to average ($6-$15 for dinner entrees)

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