Fainting Goat Gelato

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(faintinggoatseattle.com) – Wallingford
How I heard of this place: I drove by it once about a year ago (when they first opened) and was immediately attracted to the logo of an upside-down goat. I have tried to come several times in the recent months, but have been unsuccessful in finding them open or in convincing others to check out the new space.
Type of cuisine: Gelato. In the winter they were also serving Italian pastries, but it seems that the gelato has become so popular and time-consuming that the owners have chosen to narrow the focus for the summer…and then see how it goes.
Ambiance: Sparse. Four or five small tables line the wall and inner, front, corner windows. One leather couch and coffee table sits amidst the tables. The walls are yellow, bright and warm – a welcome sun-shiny feel for a cloudy, rainy end-of-May evening. The gelato selections, handmade with organic milk and sugar locally are presented just as you would expect to see them on the small Italian strade.
What I ordered: Between the three of us only one knew what she wanted immediately. She walked up to the counter, eyed the selection and then chose the vanilla bean in a recyclable bowl. The other two of us narrowed it down to a handful, which we sampled prior to placing our orders. We sampled the orange blossom, coconut, hazelnut, espresso, salted caramel, vanilla, honey rose, and melon. I ended up with one scoop (half and half) of chocolate and salted caramel ($3) in a waffle cone ($1) because it was just made and still warm to the touch when offered. My friend ordered two scoops ($4.50): one scoop of melon and another of strawberry sorbet, also in a fresh-made, warm waffle cone ($1).
What I loved: I was surprised to find that I really did enjoy the salted caramel. Often the trendy fad is too salty and just note quite right, but this one had the perfect combination of salt to enhance the caramel without tasting as if you had a sweet caramel doused or encrusted with salt. The vanilla bean was light and tasted fresh. The chocolate dense and rich. The melon also light and very summery, tasting more of real melon than a flavoring agent. The strawberry sorbet was more creamy than I’d anticipated but full of flavor. The waffle cones had a soft sweetness that could be enjoyed on their own or as a means of sweetening the gelato, which tended to be less sweet than most ice creams, still with bountiful flavor.
Why I loved it: I love that we were offered samples first thing! Despite the line that continued to grow out the door until after 10:30 p.m. (they close at ten o’clock), the female owner gave a friendly smile, wished us a great evening and then asked if we would like any samples. What a perfect start! Try what you think you will like and order what you know you do! I also love that we were not rushed out, even after closing time. The owners did the work behind the bar before turning off their “OPEN” light, which gave the remaining parties in the establishment the cue that it was time to make our way out. I also love that a small mom ‘n pop shop is doing so well, bustling and alive!
Cost: Average ($3-$5 for fancy gelato)

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