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(b-oespresso.com) – Capital Hill
How I heard of this place: My friend Sadiq recommended it years ago when I first moved to Seattle and wanted to find a late-night coffee and dessert spot. We were not the only ones to know of this quaint and artsy late-night hang out.
Type of cuisine: I have only ever been for coffee and dessert, but B&O also serves brunch, lunch and dinner. The lunch and dinner menu has a variety of cuisines and genres from which to choose – from lasagna to hummus to quiche and soft corn tacos – there is something for everyone.
Ambiance: The place has character, with space for diners and patrons in different rooms. Dim mood lighting and artwork lining the walls, with a take-out display of desserts at the front door. There is something for everyone – whether a romantic evening out, seated by a window or a group of friends gathered near the bar, enjoying tea and conversation.
What I ordered: The last time I was at B&O, just a month ago, I shared the key lime pie (sort of) with a friend and it was stellar. We both loved it and couldn’t get enough. This time, there were eight of us. Again I ordered the peppermint tea, which was light and fragrant. Our desserts were less satisfactory on this occasion. A friend and I shared the lemon chiffon cake ($7.25) which claimed to come with crème fraiche and lemon curd filling, but was more of an angel-food-like cake lightly flavored with lemon and sparsely iced. Another friend ordered the white chocolate cake with butter cream frosting and filling and a side of raspberry sauce (extra) and concluded that it was the same cake with very minimal flavor, topped with one shaving of white chocolate($7.25). The expensive raspberry sauce ($1), he claimed, saved the cake. The friend to my right ordered the vanilla bean creme brulee ($6.25) and loved it. It was a light and almost melted custard without the taste of egg and perfectly caramelized sugar. The girl to her right ordered the chocolate pot ($6.25) similar to a soufflé, served warm with whipped cream and loved it. The girl sitting opposite ordered the classic creamy style cheese cake ($6.75) and it was finished before we left, so I can only assume it was satisfactory if not good. Our final guest ordered the apple crisp ($7.25) with a scoop of french vanilla ice cream. Among those of us who tried the desserts, the warm and crispy apple crisp was the favorite.
What I loved: I have always been extremely satisfied with the loose-leaf tea at B&O. Tonight, since key lime pie was not on our table, I have to go with the apple crisp as the winner. The remainder of the desserts I tried I would skip ordering again.
Why I loved it: I love places that do not have a focus of pub or bar culture for a late night, sit down snack and conversation, when you’re looking for ambiance and a casual and comfortable spot to enjoy an evening out with friends.
Cost: Average for a dessert establishment ($7 average per dessert), but over-priced for a simple and sometimes tasteless confection.

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