Elliott’s Oyster House

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(elliottsoysterhouse.com) – Pier 56, Seattle Waterfront
How I heard of this place: Being Seattle’s biggest and most well-known oyster bar, it’s hard not to have heard of this place. But I hadn’t ever had the excuse to dine here until Anisa recommended it!
Type of cuisine: For more than 30 years, Elliott’s Oyster House has been Seattle ‘s showcase for classic Northwest seafood. This classic seafood house is renown for simple preparations that highlight the natural flavors of the finest seafood in the Pacific Northwest. Elliott’s specializes in serving fresh local Dungeness crab, wild Northwest salmon, Alaskan halibut, fresh Pacific finfish, Northwest shellfish, and our specialty, fresh oysters.
Ambiance: Typical northwest seafood establishment – large interior, with space for feeling casual and other, more intimate booth-like settings. Beautiful views of the water for that romantic night out or a place to take visiting cousins from Los Angeles!
What I ordered: Being new to the world of raw oysters, each of us had the opportunity to try one for free! The knowledgable and helpful waitress brought us the Kusshi, from Vancouver, BC, which was meant to be one of the best for newbies. The four oysters on half shells came over ice, accompanied by a champagne-vinegar-red-and-pink-peppercorn sorbet. I ordered the Elliotts House Salad: Oregon blue cheese, apples, spiced walnuts, dried cranberries and apple cider vinaigrette ($7). One dining companion ordered the grilled prawn scampi: butterflied Mexican white prawns char grilled and finished with butter, garlic, lemon, white wine and fresh herbs. It was served with fettuccine Alfredo ($29). Another ordered the crab and mushroom risotto, with large chunks of crab and a light drizzle of truffle oil ($27). Our fourth dining companion opted for fresh, simple Cajun, pan-seared troll Alaskan coho served over a beautiful bed of broccolini ($26).
What I loved: Although I was a bit full after the warmed half sourdough dinner roll and spreadable whipped butter, not to mention the oddly textured “buttery” oyster and pungent “sorbet”, I did manage a taste of each dish. Admitedly, the salad was delicious! But I believe the Cajun salmon won the show! The scampi was perfect, the truffled risotto gorgeous, but the simplicity and lightness of the salmon were not to messed with.
Why I loved it: I loved that the waitress was very helpful, friendly and eager to share with us the Elliott’s experience! In fact, at one point during dinner, it was asked “What type of shell is on the Shell logo?” We all ventured our guesses, but when the waitress walked by and heard, she said, “Scallops!” and then stepped away to find a large, beautiful in-tact shell for us to compare. She was right. I also love that the restaurant is right there on the water, unpretentious, with fabulous food!
Cost: average for a seafood restaurant, high for an impromptu dinner ($25-$35 per person)

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